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Benjamin Bonneville led the first wagon train across the Rocky Mountains. He did this on July 24, 1832 through the South pass in Wyoming.

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Q: Led the first wagon train to California?
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Who took the first wagon train from Missouri to Oreagon?

The first wagon train from Missouri to Oregon was led by Dr. Elijah White. Dr Elijah White was a Presbyterian missionary that guided 1000 men, women, and children from Elm Grove, Missouri to Oregon.

Who was in the donnor party?

The Donner Party were a group of settlers who headed to California in a wagon train. A series of unfortunate circumstances led to them becoming stranded in Sierra Nevada the winter of 1846. In order to survive, some members had to resort to cannibalism of the dead to survive.

First steam train?

The first steam train was made in 1804 in the United Kingdom. Richard Trevithick built the locomotive and his design led to the trains used in the US.

Who led the first European exploration of California?

Spanish in the 1500’s.

Is Jedidiah Smith famous?

Smith was an early American trapper and mapper. He was in California before many people and was one of the first white men to enter Yosemite Valley. He camped with the Native Americans in the Tulare lake area in central CA for many years as well. He led wagon trains to California in his later years.

How did Independence Rock receive its name?

William Sublette, who held an Independence Day celebration here on July 4, 1830, as he led the first wagon train to cross the new overland route. Before an audience of 80 pioneers, he christened the rock in honor of the birth date of our nation.

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When did Spanish explorers first reach California?

The Spanish explorers first reached California in 1542, led by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. They landed in what is now San Diego.

How far did the Donner Party travel?

Three families, George Donner's, Jacob Donner's, and James Reed's, left Springfield, Illinois, on April 14, 1846. On May 19 they joined a large wagon train in Kansas. This train was led by William Russell. It broke up into smaller parties. The Donner Party didn't actually exist until July 19, 1846, when a new wagon train was organized and George Donner was elected the captain. This happened near South Pass in Wyoming.

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What led to a wave of settlers in California?

The discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in 1848 led to what became known as California's Gold Rush.