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Q: Leg was thought to be rude in Victorian times what word do they use instead of leg?
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How did Martin Frobisher interact with Natives?

That is so not how they did it. He killed them because they killed one of his crew men on the first voyage to North America. He thought that the Inuit were Asians Please don't use's not proper and its just rude.

Which of the following behaviors would be considered rude or socially unacceptable in Middle Eastern cultures?

Public displays of affection between a man and a woman. Also, not looking and person in the eye; exception with elders it is important to gaze downward. It is considered rude to stand far apart from a person while speaking to them as well. In the Middle East people tend to speak close together (4in' of space). Never show the sole of your foot, it is the lowest part of your body and is considered and insult. Don't point with one finger, instead use finger conjoined and use the right hand.

How women behaved in the regency period?

They were encouraged to be quite rude and crude by the 'Regency Rakes', led by the Prince Regent himself (the future King George IV). Many people were displeased by this behaviour, and the monarchy reached a new pitch of unpopularity. This is why the young Queen Victoria and her Prince Consort tried to impose strict rules of behaviour, and their well-ordered family life was taken as a popular example.

How is a shelter of a doorway different from a shelter of a home?

A home feels much more welcoming whereas a doorway is more distraught.because you get to be rude without getting hurt in a home. write it down anywhere. all the scientists say it!

What was W E B Du Bois childhood?

He grew up in some place called Barrington, Massachusetts, and i am doing a project on him right now in school, so you can trust my answer. i think that dubois was a jack bum and was very rude because he was very bad at compromising while BOOKER T. WASHINGTON was great at compromising. Booker T. Washington - the better candidate. Ida B. Wells was bad because she bot a constructor on a train and caused him to have to go to a hospital. I hope that this halped you even if i swore a little bit. :) Dubois like to play with little boy's p's and lick little girls v's. OK, so that not true, but he liked to suck dickblicks

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What did Victorians say instead of leg because they thought it was rude?


Why did Victorian women wear long dresses?

because in them days the lady were not aloud to show the there legs in puplic the queen thourght it was to rude .

Can you use Rudness in a sentence instead of rude?

I could think of no excuse for her rudeness.

What did Christopher Columbus first think about Guanahani?

he thought they were rude savages, they did not trust eachother.

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Personally, i don't think its rude if you do it once, but if you do it many times she migt get the impression that she OS being stalked by you.

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like the word he ll A swearword is a naughty word that offends people, or is thought rude by society.

What was the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad?

It was an underground escape rout that helped slaves escape from their owners.