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Obtain help to improve the financial situation of France.

To save France from bankruptcy

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declared war on britain

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Q: Louis XVI of France called a meeting of the Estates-General in 1789 to?
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What are the good things about Louis XVI?

Louis XVI was smart and interested in Science. He was a supporter of the American Revolution. He called for the Estates General meeting to resolve the financial crisis in France.

Who called a meeting of the Estates-General in 1789?

The Estates General met on May 5th, 1789, in Versailles, France.

Who called a meeting of the estates general?

King Louis XVI.

What was money called in new France in 100 years age?

It was called Gold Louis.

What is a king in France called?

The French king was called "roi de France", but there has not been a king of France since 1848.

Why was the meeting of the estate general called?

Louis XVI called a meeting of the Estates General in 1789 because he needed more revenue. BTW, the French aristocracy was exempt from taxation. Does this sound familiar?

When Louis the fourteenth called a meeting to the Estates-General in 1789 which estate wanted to set up a constitutional government?

Louis the Fourteenth died in 1715 ....

What is Louis XVI's legacy to France?

The International landmark called the Palace of Versailles.

What King of France called himself the sun king?

King Louis XIV.

Louis IX of France how he died?

Louis IX (also called Saint-Louis) died on 25th of august 1270, of dysentry during the eight crusade.

Why was the meeting of the estates called?

Louis XVI feared that France's government was going to be bankrupt, so he called a meeting of the Estates' General to find a solution. He had hoped they would vote to raise taxes, a simple solution. However, none of the Estates wanted this. Unfortuatly, Louis decided that the meeting would be according to the old rules, where the 3 Estates met separatly and each cast one vote, so the First and Second Estates' votes would outnumber the Third's. The Third Estate refused to meet seperatly, however, so they went outside to the tennis courts, declared themselves the national assembly of France, and swore to write a constitution! The revolution had begun!!

What country did king Louis XIV rule?

It is said that King Louis XIV ruled France with greatness and glory. He was a strong leader and completely reformed the country from what some called a country of savages to a calmer, more refined people and way of life.