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Most European nations have one dominant culture.

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Q: Most European nations have how many dominant cultures?
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Does Most European nations have a dominant culture?

whet ?

Do european nations have a dominant culture?

Most Europeans nations do have a dominant culture. The culture is based on the Greco-Roman structure of laws and society.

Which European language is dominant in Chad?

French is the most dominant European language in Chad.

What type of government did most European nations have after ww1?

Most of European nations had Democracy gov after ww1

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the dominant culture?

There are many strengths and weaknesses in a dominant culture. Dominant cultures are usually the most productive at making and distributing what they produce for example.

Riligion of European?

The most dominant religion in Europe is by far Christianity.

What was the first and perhaps most profound result of the meeting of native and European cultures?

importation of European diseases.

What is dominant global culture?

A dominant global culture is a nation or way of life that tends to cause changes in most cultures. Today, the United States is a good example of a dominant global culture.

What do most European Union nations use as their money?

The Euro.

Where do most of Luxembourg's imports come from?

Other European Nations!!

How many European nations were fighting in World War I?


Which were the two most populous communist nations in Eastern Europe by 1950?

The two most populous Eastern European communist nations in 1950 were the Soviet Union and Poland.The two most populated Eastern European communist nations in the 1950s were the Soviet Union and Poland.