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public schools were the most effective way to create a responsible citizenry. education would prevent crime problems in urban areas.

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Q: Most Jacksonian era educational reformers believed that?
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Most progressive reformers were?

recent immigrants

What are three examples of 19th century reformers who are referred to as Utopian Socialists?

Probably the most well known of the Utopian Socialists were Robert Owen, Claude Saint-Simon, and Charles Fourier. These reformers believed that capitalists would see the value of socialism and would voluntarily end capitalism and move to a socialist society.

What did the progressive reformers want to improve?

most stuff

By 1830 the most pressing social issue for reformers was?

The antislavery movement.

What was the goals of the meiji reformers?

The most common goal was to expand democracy.

Who did Andrew Jackson feel should have the most power in government?

Andrew Jackson believed that the president, as the leader of the executive branch, should have the most power in the government. He viewed the presidency as a strong and independent office that should wield authority over other branches and exert significant influence in decision-making. Jackson's presidency was marked by his commitment to expanding presidential powers and challenging the authority of Congress and the judiciary.

Why does 1824 mark the dawn of the Jacksonian era?

Andrew Jackson received the most popular votes during that Election.

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It is considered to be educational by most viewers

What cause were most women reformers in the first half of the nineteenth century active in?


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