Most bilingual city in Canada

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Most bilingual city in Canada
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Canada's most bilingual city?

MontrealCanada's most bilingual city would have to be Ottawa, the nation's capital.

What makes Canada bilingual country?

Canada became a bilingual country because Canadians study both French and English in school.

What is a sentence for the word bilingual?

I speak two languages so I am bilingual. The bilingual countries, such as Canada and Equatorial Guinea, have two official languages.

What countries are bilingual?

Canada... or at least some parts of it.

What bilingual country speaks English and french?

Canada mostly

Canada is said to be because it has two official language?

It is bilingual.

Which province in Canada is the only officially bilingual province?

the whole country of Canada is officially bilingual, however, Quebec is truly French Canadian ----------------------- Manitoba is Canada's first bilingual province, NB was to follow later.

What is the most famous major city in Canada?

Toronto is the largest city in Canada

Is there anything unique about Canada?

Yes, it is a bilingual country (French and English).

Do teachers need bilingual skills?

In Canada it is extremely usefull. but not necessary

What does in mean to say Canada is a bilingual country?

They have 2 official languages .

What is Canada's most large and famous city?

Toronto is Canada's most populous city. As to what Canadian city is the most famous, that would be a matter of personal opinion.