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the extended family

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Q: Most traditional societies maintain social control and group cooperation through the use of?
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When you have been exploited the captor will maintain the exploitation engine process through?

Control, dependency, compliance, and cooperation.

What is traditional selling?

traditional selling is where the sales person take maintain control of the conversation from start to finish and persuad the buyer to buy even where the buyer is not in need.

What types of societies in history relate to the book Fahrenheit 451?

The societies in Fahrenheit 451 are similar to oppressive dystopian regimes, such as Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and authoritarian governments that suppress freedom of thought and control information to maintain power. These societies use censorship, propaganda, and fear to manipulate and control their populations, as depicted in the novel.

Briefly explain the 1904 co operative societies act?

The first co-operative societies act came into force on 25th of Mach 1904 in India to encourage self help and cooperation among agriculturist based on the English Friendly societies Act of 1886. This act was enacted for the constitution and control of cooperative credit societies. Basic objective is to raise enough funds by deposits from members and other means and distribute as loans to members or to other credit societies with prior permission from the Registrar of co operative societies.

What is the general process called when Every society tries to regulate the behavior of individuals?

Social control is the general process through which societies seek to regulate the behavior of individuals to maintain order and conformity within the community.

Why did farming societies control land?

Without land, there is nothing to farm. Societies that did not control land could not farm, and farming societieshad to control land in order to farm.

How did the Hanseatic League maintain control of its partners?

The Hanseatic League maintained control of its partners through a combination of military power, economic influence, and mutual cooperation. It established trading monopolies in specific regions, enforced strict rules and regulations on members, and relied on a system of alliances and treaties to maintain its dominance in the Baltic and North Sea trade routes.

How did the Assyrians and the Chaldean's maintain control of their lands?

How did the Assyrians and Chaldeans maintain control of their lands.

How did the Assyrians and Chaldean's maintain control of their land?

How did the Assyrians and Chaldeans maintain control of their lands.

How did nation-states emerge from feudal societies?

From feudal societies,came the Kingdom had to be governed to its best potential. Control over the land was a crucial task as there were threats of warfare from other Kingdoms. The form of control of feudal societies were that of warfare and economic.

What is required to maintain control on a PWC?

The power to the jet-drive is required to maintain steering control on a PWC.

Once you have been exploited the captor will maintain the exploitation engine process through?

Implementing coercive control tactics and psychological manipulation to maintain power and control over the victim. This can involve threats, isolation, gaslighting, and other manipulative behaviors to ensure the victim stays trapped in the exploitative relationship. Furthermore, the captor may use physical violence or other forms of abuse to reinforce their dominance and keep the victim compliant.