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Q: Network of people who interact with each other?
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What were the interactions between the Cherokee and the europeans?

The earliest known contact between the Cherokee Indians and the Europeans was in 1540 when Hernando De Soto's expedition led him through parts of Georgia and Tennessee.

How does writing spread knowledge in an ancient civilization?

In an ancient civilization, although also true for any other civilization, writing spreads knowledge in several ways. For one thing, it is simply an additional source for knowledge; that is, it is additional to oral sources. For another thing, it is a long-lasting source for knowledge: it preserves and thus passes down knowledge from one generation to another.

How do Africans greet each other?


What was the impact of symbol on common people during the course of national freedom?

these symbols helped the common people realize how similar they are with each other. these symbols also showed them and reminded them the things they were fighting for.

Why do we Need for tolerance?

tolerance is extremely important in a relationship. No-one is perfect, so you must learn how to accept each other for who you are, don't expect each other to change, because it's not who you really are. You need to do more than just tolerate each other though, you must accept all of their personality traits, their physical, emotional and intellectual attributes and love them for who they are, as well as respect, love, good communication and a deep passion for each other that can withstand any situation. If you have all that, you will have no problem!

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What is circle in a theater?

A circle is essentially a group or network of socially connected people, typically people who interact frequently with each other.

How people interact?

People interact by talking tl each other

How do Portuguese people interact with other people?

by talkingto each other or metting

How do people interact with each other in Norway?

They speak to each other through their scarves.

What did hobbes feel about how people interact and get along with each other?


Geographers study how people?

geographers study how people interact with each other

How do people interact with each other in Indianapolis Indiana?

Like normal people..

Names for a residential area where people live near each other and interact with each other?

A neighborhood

What is network communication?

communication network is a network of connecting the people to communicate with each other.

How does each cellular component interact with each other in a plant?

How does each cellular component interact with each other?

How do people interact differently with each other?

they go to the club and touch eachother

Early people formed villages when they began to?

socialize and interact with each other.