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The last country to give up it's African colony was actually the African country of South Africa. The colony that it had dominion over was the country of Namibia. This occurred in 1990.

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Portugal (1974-75), and the UK (last colony was given independence in 1980).

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Q: One of the last countries to give up its African colonies was?
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What was the last country to give up its African Colonies?


Which European country was the last to grant independence to its African holdings?

South Africa was the last to gain independence in 1994. Eritrea was second to last in 1993.

What countries have the largest colonies in africa countries had the largest colonies in Africa?

There are no more colonies in Africa. The last one (Southern Rhodesia) became independent from the United Kingdom in 1980. The nation that had the largest colonies in terms of land mass was France.

Last Europenan power to give up its African colonies?

It was Britain; it gave Zimbabwe independence in 1980. Ironically, Britain was also one of the first to begin decolonizing, granting Egypt independence in 1922

Why are zimbabwean last names similar to south African ones?

Because they are neighbouring countries.....?

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What was the last of the thirteen colonies to be settled?

The last of the thirteen colonies to be settled was Georgia.

Which of the 13 colonies was last to the colonies?

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Which colony was founded last of the Southern Colonies?

the last colony to founded in the southern colonies was Georgia

Does Africa have colonies?

It is debated. The last European possession in Africa became independent in 1980 (Zimbabwe). However, some African nations held non-self-governing territories after the last European colonies became independent. The only remaining territory considered by some to be a "colony" is West Sahara, which is controlled by Morocco.

What is the difference from the middle colonies from new England and the southern colonies f?

The middle colonies produced different goods than the southern colonies. For example the Southern colonies produced cotton and tobacco, while the middle colonies produced other goods. In terms of slavery, the New England countries gave up slavery first. Middle colonies like New Jersey were one of the last states to abolish slavery.

Was cuba one of the last colonies of Spain?

Yes, Cuba and Puerto Rico were the last of the Spanish colonies in the Americas.