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he used the bathroom in his pants on the ship and pooped on one of his sailors

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The founding of Lima XD

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Q: Outcomes of Pizarro's explorations
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What was Francisco Pizarros route?

No, San Francisco did not get named after Francisco Pizarro.

What is the of francisco Pizarros ship?

The Piloto Mayor.

When did Francisco Pizarros journey end?


What is pizarros first name Chelsea fc?


What was the Name of pizarros ship?

his ship was The Boat of a Conquistador

What is Francisco Pizarros sponsor?

King Francis 1

What ws the name of Francisco Pizarros ships?

the piloto mayor

What were the results of Pizarros conquests?

the incans died the spanish got gold

What is francisco pizarros nickname?

Francisco Pizarro was commonly known as "The Conquistador."

What was franciscos Pizarros technolagy?

he used an astrolabe and most importantly a magnetic compass

How many incas and Pizarros men died in the Inca invasion of November 1532?


What is Pizarros full name?

The 16th century Spanish explorer's name was Francisco Pizarro.