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1 Letters sent by courier or postal service were the most popular way to send messages. In large cities letterboxes were emptied several times a day.

2 If there was an urgent need you went to a telegraphic station, where someone converted your message into Morse Code and sent it down wires. At the receiving end the message was turned back into a language and delivered to the intended recipient.

3. Telephones were used in local areas, but were expensive as each call had to be manually connected and timed for billing purposes.

4. In 1902 Marconi sent a wireless message across the Atlantic Ocean, but only when the transmitter and receiver could be miniaturised, as in cell phones, did this become affordable for the public.

5 The military had specialised messenger services. For example pigeons were used to smuggle information out of guarded areas. Navies used semaphores, coded signs, sent by arranging flags and later by flashing electric lamps.

6 For discreet messages advertisements were placed in the personal columns of newspapers.

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Q: Ow did they send messages 100 years ago?
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