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The persons power that increased during the feudalism that was ending was the kings during that time in the 1500's.

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Q: People whose power increased as feudalism ended?
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How did Prince Henry eventually end feudalism?

When Henry VII killed Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field, it ended the War of Roses. Henry was distrustful of the nobles and as a result, the feudal system ended with sweeping changes he introduced that greatly reduced the power of the nobles and concentrated it in the monarchy.

How did the magana carta and the model of the parliament contribute to the decline of feudalism?

By strengthening royal authority at expenses of nobles and shifting power to common people. ------------------------------- This is true for the Magna Carta, but not the same for the Model Parliament introduced by Edward I. The Parliament gave a voice to both common people AND lords. Both of them had voices and it didn't really weaken feudalism, as both sides of the story benefited from this. WIN-WIN situation.

How much power did kings have under feudalism?

The Pope had more power than the kings in that time.

What are the goals of feudalism?

To control the population. About 90% of the people were peasants or serfs, another 5% would be noble and the rest were the clergy. The clergy controlled the nobles, the nobles controlled the majority of the population. The 90% served, fed, and fought for the 10%.This worked well for the people at the top. Not so well for those at the bottom.

Describe the Thirty Years' War?

It was a European conflict over religion and territory and for power among ruling families. Frances power increased by the end of the war and Germany was devastated because of it.

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What gave people power in feudalism?

The ownership of land. It was called fief.

What is better feudalism or democracy?

Democracy. In a democracy the people can change the government through non violent means. In feudalism there is one controlling power and the people are told what to do and how to live.

Feudalism in western Europe was similar to feudalism in japan that?

A. Power was based on class relationships

Feudalism in western Europe was similar to feudalism in japan in that?

A. Power was based on class relationships

Who held the most power in Japanese feudalism?

Daimyo is the one who held the most power in Japanese feudalism. He took over when the Tokugawa family seized power in Japan.

How did the Crusades lead to the end of feudalism?

The crusades helped to end Feudalism by changing the triangle hierarchy and shifting the power. During the crusades the Christians and European people started to not only hate the wonderful Muslims but envy their work and great ideas. So the Europeans started to do business and trade with the Muslims. Peasants started to see they could better themselves by leaving the manor and becoming merchants trading with the Muslims on the coastal. So now peasants were merchants and merchants were added to the hierarchy changing the triangle and feudalism. Now peasants power and wealth increased, nobles power decreased, and kings power increased by the taxing of more people. This power also decreased the nobles because their protection wasn't needed anymore due to the fact the king could now buy an army for protection. So the deal between nobles and knights soon decreased and the feudal hierarchy began to end

How do you do a power hit on feudalism 2?


What are the negative aspect of feudalism?

One negative of feudalism was the fact that only a few people had the majority of the power; which is a common negative aspect of many political organizations. It depended on there being little communication and once communication became more prominent feudalism started to decline.

How was the feudalism in Japan similar to the feudalism in Europe?

all the people knew their roles in a rigid class system

Who lost power as a result of the rise of Townes in decline of feudalism?


Asystem where kings nobles and knights had land power?


Who held the most power unfer Japanese feudalism?