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Q: Renaissance humanism would have been most comfortable with the values and ideas of what world belief system?
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Which indigenous group recorded their belief system and history with carved hieroglyphs?

The Maya

What time period and country is the masque of the red death?

The Middle Ages or Early Renaissance, before the feudal system collapsed. Some of his language suggests Italy, but it could be anywhere in Western Europe.

How did Henry ll's innovative system of justice contribute to the growth of the royal system?

Henry replaced the great number of local, independent courts of law and of the many ecclesiastical courts by "Royal" courts that he could control. He did this out of a genuine belief that dispensing justice was an essential part of a King's duties, but this reorganization greatly expanded the King's power and influence as well.

What kind of a system is ethical monotheism?

Ethical Monotheism is a term used to describe a belief in one God who guides humanity through ethical principles. This can be seen as distinct from monotheistic beliefs which may be based on dogma or doctrines.Ethical monotheists sometimes believe that all ethical standards are derived from God and they are thus dependant upon the divine in this way.

Who was in the three estates of the old regime why was this system so unequal?

The three estates divided the social classes of Revolution Era France. There was an estate that had the wealth nobles, there was an estate that had church people in it, such as priests and bishops, and there was an estate that had the common people in it. It was unequal as the nobles lived comfortable lives in their palaces and the common people sometimes had to steal bread just to live.

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How was the renaissance belief different?

The Renaissance period marked a shift towards humanism, emphasizing human potential, creativity, and individualism. This contrasted with the medieval belief system that prioritized faith, tradition, and deference to authority. The Renaissance also saw a resurgence of interest in classical learning, art, and science, leading to advancements in various fields.

How was education during the renaissance shaped by humanism?

Humanism during the Renaissance emphasized the importance of the individual, leading to a shift in education to focus on developing well-rounded individuals with skills in literature, history, and the arts. This new approach to education also placed importance on critical thinking and questioning established beliefs, which encouraged students to engage in independent thought and analysis. Overall, humanism played a key role in shaping a more holistic and human-centered educational system during the Renaissance.

Why did humanists want to reform society in the renaissance?

Humanism During the Renaissance. The Renaissance was an incrediblyimportantturning point in Western Intellectual and Cultural Tradition . ... The majorpollical changes of the Renaissance were from the old Feudal System of the Middle Ages into a more flexible and liberal class system.

How do you put humanism in a sentence?

Humanism is a belief system that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and prioritizes reason, ethics, and compassion in guiding human actions and decisions.

What does the word Humanism mean today?

Humanism today generally refers to a belief system that emphasizes the value and agency of individuals, prioritizing reason, ethics, and compassion in human relationships. It often involves an emphasis on human potential and the pursuit of social justice and equality.

What word best describes he character of humanism?

Humanism can be best described as a belief system or philosophy that emphasizes human values and interests, focusing on the potential and worth of individuals. It values reason, ethics, and the pursuit of knowledge, while promoting the idea of human agency and autonomy.

What is huninism or humanism?

Humanism is any system of thought based on the interests and ideals of man.

How did the renaissance effect education?

The Renaissance had a profound impact on education by promoting humanism, which emphasized the importance of education and the development of individual potential. This led to the establishment of new schools and universities, an increased focus on classical literature and philosophy, and the development of new teaching methods. The Renaissance also laid the foundation for the modern education system by emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, and the pursuit of knowledge.

How did the Renaissance reflect new ways of thinking?

The Renaissance reflected new ways of thinking through a renewed interest in individualism, humanism, and the pursuit of knowledge. It emphasized the importance of human potential, creativity, and critical thinking, leading to advancements in art, science, and philosophy that challenged traditional beliefs and norms.

Explain the philospohy called humanism and its impact on Renainssance music?

Humanism emphasized the potential of human beings through reason, science, and art. In Renaissance music, humanism led to a shift towards more human-centered themes in vocal music, focusing on the expression of emotions and the beauty of the human voice. Composers like Josquin des Prez and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina embraced humanist ideals in their works by using text painting and creating music that reflected the words being sung.

What belief system did The Bhagavad Gita come from?

Bhagavad Geeta is from Hindu belief system.

What are four belief system?

One example of a belief system is religion. Certain religions believe certain things. Also, science is another example of a belief system.