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Trace the history of the Republican Party from the beginnings

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Q: Republican party can trace its history back to what original group?
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Which political party did southerners tend to support?

I would say Southern states nowadays are generally carried by the Republican party. However, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries the South tended to vote for the Democrats, who were ideologically different than today's Democratic party.

The Bolsheviks began as a small faction of the?

They began as a small faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, a Marxist revolutionary party.

What is a person who was part of the revolutionary group led bu lenin called?

Lenin's group was the Bolshevik Party. After the October Revolution when it was the sole power in the country and all other political parties were being eliminated, it changed its name to the Communist Party in March 1918.

What is the symbol of the Democratic Party and what is the connection with Old Hickory?

The donkey. When a republican called Andrew Jackson (Old Hickory) a name for a donkey that would probably get reported on this site, he liked the thought of such a stubborn, unmoving animal so much that he made it the symbol of the democratic party.

What were jacobins and girondins?

These two groups were two large political groups during the French revolution.Jacobins were people who supported the revolution and wanted a centralized Republic. They were the ones to intituted the reign of terror.Girondins were members of the moderate republican party that was in power during the French Revolution; they were a group of individuals who held certain opinions and principles in common rather than an organized political party. They wanted a democratic revolution within and of patriotic defiance to the European powers without.Jacobins were the ones who wanted radical change and the Girondins were the ones who wanted conservative change.

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What group contended that the original republican party had abandoned their original principles?


What political party did African American usually belonged to during the reconstruction?

republican party

The Democratic Republican Party evolved into which modern-day party?

The Democratic Republican Party didn't actually evolve into a modern day party. The original party was often referred to as just the Republican Party. The modern day Republican Party was named as an homage to the original Republican Party.

Was James Monroe democrat or Republican?

James Madison's political party affiliation was the "Democratic-Republican Party" a party organized by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The Democratic and Republican parties as we know them today did not exist at that time. The Republican Party was started in 1860 when a group split off from the Democratic Party which had changed and evolved from the original Democratic-Republican Party.

What has the author Clyde P Weed written?

Clyde P. Weed has written: 'The transformation of the Republican Party, 1912-1936' -- subject(s): Republican Party (U.S. : 1854-), History 'The transformation of the Republican Party, 1912-1936' -- subject(s): Republican Party (U.S. : 1854-), History

Is The Business Roundtable an interest group that supports the Republican or Democratic Party?

The Business Roundtable is a conservative lobbying group. It tends to align more with the Republican Party.

Which group is closely associated with the republican party?


What group did not support the Democratic Party?


Which group is most closely associated with republican party?


Does the original republican party back in the time of the civil war relate more to the present democratic party?

The past republican party does not relate to the present democratic party in terms of fiscal conservatism. However, the republican party at the time of the Civil War if you are referring to Lincoln's republican party, was certainly more socially liberal and in line with today's democratic party.

Which party was James Monroe in?

My History book says that President James Monroe was with the Republican party..

What was the Republican party?

The republican party began over the expansion of slavery. Thia party was composed of mainly northerners and was one of the two major political parties in our countries history.