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The result of what is known as the German Peasants' War was a crushing of the revolt. Tens of thousands of peasants were killed.

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Q: Results of the German Peasants Revolt 1524-1525?
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Why did Luther's idea encourage the German peasants to revolt?


What date did the peasants revolt and why?

the peasants revolt started on July 12th 1381.

Was the peasants revolt successful for the peasants?


What date did the peasants revolt happen?

The peasants revolt, Started on the 13th of the month July, Year 1381.

Why did German peasants revolt in 1524?

One of the main causes was relentlessly falling living standard. Between 1500 and 1520 living standards fell by an annual1.2%. The peasants were also inspired by Martin Luther's revolt against the Catholic church and decided to revolt against their feudal lords.

What are the release dates for The Revolt of the Peasants - 1912?

The Revolt of the Peasants - 1912 was released on: USA: 22 November 1912

What was the list of peasants demands for the peasants revolt?

less taxes

How many peasants were in the peasants revolt?

Over 100,000.

Did Martin Luther support the peasants in the 1524-26 Peasants War?

Martin Luther did not support the Peasant's Revolt of 1524. He never took part in the revolt and he encouranged peasants to obey their lords and nobles. The reason nobles and landlords frowned upon Martin Luther was the fact that he started the Reformation Era, one of the causes sparking the boldness in peasants to start Peasant's Revolt.

Why did German peasant revolt in 1534?

Peasants rose up against their lords in parts of the central ans southern German states. They demanded the return of rights that the lords had usurped.

In what year did the Peasants' Revolt begin?

The Peasant's Revolt began in 1381.

Was there a battle at the peasants revolt?