Russian ruler beginning with T

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Russian ruler beginning with T
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What is the old title for a Russian ruler?

A Russian ruler was called a Tsar or Czar, depending on your preferred spelling.

A Russian ruler that starts with a C?


What was the title of Russian ruler after czar?


Title for an old Russian ruler?


Who is the russian ruler admired by philosophes during the revolution?

Catherine the Great was the Russian ruler who was admired by the philosophes during the revolution. She reigned from 1762 to 1796.

What was nicholas II in the russian revolution?

the ruler of Russia

Who was the Russian ruler admired by philosophers?

Catherine the Great

What Russian ruler went by the name czar?

All pre 1917 Russian rulers were czars. It's the Russian term for 'king'.

What is a ruler of the Soviet Union called?

President of the Russian Federation .

What was nicholas II role in the Russian revolution?

the ruler of russia

Who was the Russian ruler during World War 1 who was executed by the revolutionaries in 1918?

Nickolas Romanov II was that ruler.

Russian ruler who organized a toltalitarian state during the 1930s?