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All of them. what power exactly, there is so much power. and what government exactly i know of the roots of all Government, which begins with a nucleur family and to and extented level (Ruling body of a country). most of this families to not demonstret power but Love, well maybe behind the Curthen the strings are on the other side of the galaxy but back at home the great Politician is a slave to his 18 year old.

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the way they get and use power

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Q: Since the government is mostly concerned with power you will group governments by?
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What kind of people live in China?

Well, since it is there home country, China has mostly Chinese people. :) <3

Why were Japanese missions to tang china so important?

Because this whole nation has been influenced by China since they sent their missions to Tang dynasty. They introduced Chinese and Buddhist philosophy to Japan; they studied Chinese language and writings and combined them with their own language; Japanese architectures (include the palaces) were just copies of Tang's architectures (not the ones you see in today's China, they are mostly from Ming and Qing dynasty); some technology and crafts were also brought to Japan... so many things. If you have been to Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, and you know Eastern Asian culture well, you would realized that they have so many similarities. Today, Chinese characters are still used in formals, and the way Japanese call their government deparments and local governments are actually same as Tang dynasty's.

Why was the constitution ratified so important to history?

The primary function of a constitution is to lay out the basic structure of the government according to which the people are to be governed. It is the constitution of a country, which establishes the three main organs of the government, namely, the legislature, executive and judiciary.The constitution of a country not only defines the powers allotted to each of the three main organs, but it also significantly makes a clear demarcation of the responsibilities assigned to each of them. It effectively regulates the relationship between these organs as well as the relationship between the government and its people.Since the country’s constitution stands superior to all the laws framed within the territorial precincts of the country, any law enacted by the ruling government has to be in conformity with the concerned constitution. As such, the citizens would, in turn, be abiding by not just the law, but also working in sync with the demarcations of the constitution laid by the country.The constitution does not simply provide a recipe for an efficient government, but also deals with limitations on power. Since power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, a constitution is established to restrict the abuse of power by those who conduct governmental functions.The constitution of a particular country lays down the national goals which form the basic edifice on which the nation rests upon. For instance, the constitution of India has inscribed in it the primary facets of the nation which are democracy, socialism, secularism and national integration.A constitution, besides thrusting on the rights of the citizens of the concerned nation, also has embedded in it the duties that the citizens require to adhere to as well.

Why was the treaty that ended World War 1 such a bad treaty?

It wasn't a peace treaty many would argue, since it focused mostly on blaming the Germans mostly for starting WW1, and it punished the Germans and made them pay 30 billion to repair the Allies' damages, there are several parts to the treaty, but they directly/indirectly show that the French and British wanted to punish the Germans, not to go to peace.

What was the name of the German government in southern France?

It was not installed by the Germans. Marshal Petain became Pemiere of France before their capitulation according to proper french constitutional procedures. After the armistice the French parliament voted to essentially scrap the constitution and invest him with dictatorial powers. This was done on their own hook, not at the behest of the Germans. Anyway, his government is called the Vichy government after the small resort town in southern France which became the de facto French capital when the government fled Paris before it fell. Michael Montagne

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Since the government is mostly concerned with power you well group governments by?

all three

How many governments has australia had since 1945?

Depends how it defines it, there have been 34 federal government ministries since 1945.

How China's governments worked?

China since 1949 has been a communist government and it tells its citizens what to do.

When did government began to exist?

Governments began to exist since a long ago where laws were set to be followed by the people

Why have regional governments grown since the 1950s?

Regional governments have grown since the 1950s because many governments have devolved their function to increase efficiency.

How many governments has Britain had since world war 2?

Please clarify your question. Do you mean colonial governments? Or changes of governments in England? England has had a Monarchichal / Parlimentary government for many centuries. There has been no change. They gave up many colonies and only have a few left.

Why doesn't the government enforce immigration laws when dealing with illegal aliens since they are breaking the law?

Since governments are usually fairly good at using words they know the meaning of, they don't not understand any of it.

What best describes the Supreme Courts trend in interpreting federalism since the mid 1990s?

The Court has limited the power of the national government over the state governments.

Which came first local governments or the US federal government?

It depends on which local government you are talking about. Some cities and counties have been around since long before the revolution. Some were created last year.

What government ran Canada during confederation?

Confederation began on July 1, 1867, and is continuing to this day. Canada has experienced several governments since the beginning of Confederation.

Why do countries around the world develop different forms of government?

Most of it is tradition, it has been there since the old days, the leaders of a state or country develop governments that, really, they THINK will work well, and in other states, develop governments the people desire. Depends.

What is the relationship of the government and civil society in?

As it has always been since governments were set up, that of a state of not trusting and dissabpointment. When voting it is best to vote for the better of the least trustable parties.