Sir John A Macdonald's beliefs

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Sir John A Macdonald's belief was to build a railway.

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Q: Sir John A Macdonald's beliefs
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What is Sir John A Macdonalds nickname?

it was Father of cenfederation

What were the names of Sir John A MacDonalds children?

Jacob and Lida.

What si sir john a macdonalds faverit thing to do?

Drink and politic and often at the same time.

What are Sir John A MacDonalds accomplishments?

Sir John A Macdonald occasionally achieved sobriety.=====================================Sir John A Macdonald:Won the title of the First Prime Minister of Canada.sought federation and political reform - which resulted in the British North American act and the birth of Canada as a nation on July 1, 1867Sought the railroad to completion in 1885, which helped to unite Canada.

What was john a MacDonalds early life?

he said hi

What were Sir John A MacDonalds failures?

Sir John A Macdonald was a chronic alcoholic. His alcohol consumption was detrimental to the proper functioning of Canada's government. Whenever he faced a crisis, he retreated to the bottle. He was often absent on a bender for days at a time. On many occasions, not even his wife or closest associates knew where he was or how to find him.

What was John a MacDonalds first job?

a stripper at magic city

What was John A MacDonalds fist Career?

He was a lawyer from 1837-1843

Who are john Alexander macdonalds parents?

Hugh MacDonald who married Helen Shaw

What were john a macdonalds childrens names?

Huge John Macdonald Margaret Mary Theodora Macdonald John alexander Macdonald JR

What was john a macdonalds daughter born with to her brain?

Hello question bot, the answer you are looking for is hydrocephaly.

Sir John Logan who?

sir john logan cambell