TV or books what is better?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Definately books when they make a book in to a tv show or movie they leave a lot out usually some of the best parts aren't in the movie or show!!!!!

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No question, books.

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Q: TV or books what is better?
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Why is books better then television?

Books are far better than tv as with a book you are using your imagination to visualize the scene, but with tv it is already there so your brain doesn't visualize the image.

Why tv is better than reading books?


Why is TV better than books?

To be honest, I wonder why you would say this! I like books better then TV, well sometimes I have to admit. I get a bit lazy and watch TV instead. Maybe that's why some people like TV better then books. But I think books have more detail, so its better!

Are books better then tv?

In terms of education value yes.

How books are better than tv?

Some people think that books are better than TV for a variety of reasons. A few might be that it is better for your eyes, it allows you to use your mind more, by imagining the characters and their actions, and you can carry books around! (Although you can carry around an iPod or something similar with TV shows on it.)

When will you learn who -A from Pretty Little Liars is?

In the books, you will find out every four books, but in the TV show, I don't know. I like the books better...

What is better for you TV or books?

people do say t.v. rots your brain

Is it worth to read the books of The Vampire Diaries if I have seen the TV series?

Yes. The books are very different and better. I love both. I saw the tv show first, loved it, then got the books. loved them more!

Why Television is Better than Books?

Because books don't tell you the weather that is coming your way. If you have a tornado watch going on in where you live, how would you know? Would reading a regular paper book tell you a tornado's coming for you?

Pros and cons of waching TV instead of reading a book?

well watching TV makes u lazy SO that is bad well personally i think reading books are better than watching TV and books are educational

Is the tv show Vampire Diaries based on the novels Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith?

yes , but the books are better.

How is reading books batter then watchin teleivision?

Reading helps you to become a better speller (so you won't misspell "television" and "better" and "than"). It also challenges your mind, whereas all the facts are given to you when watching TV. You can also read books to expand your vocabulary and better your reading and comprehension skills for when you get a job that requires reading and fulfilling tasks that are written for you. I hope that helps.