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Q: The Confederate Constitution called for the end of the slave trade but not?
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What did the confederate Constitution called for the end of the slave trade but not?

I think you are confused. The confederacy wanted to keep slavery.

What did the constitution of the Confederacy say about slavery?

The Confederate Constitution prohibited the international slave trade but permitted the domestic institution without restriction and forbade any Confederate state to abolish it.

What compromise stoped the slave trade in 1808?

The 1808 Slave Trade Compromise in the Constitution.

In what document would the following words been found Now and hellipthe right of property in a slave is and affirmed in the Constitution and and traffic in slaves as merchandise was guaranteed?

These words can be found in the Confederate States Constitution, which was the supreme law of the Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865. This document explicitly protected the right to own slaves and sanctioned the slave trade as a legitimate commercial activity within the Confederate states.

Did the Constitution immediately outlaw the foreign slave trade?


How did the constitution deal with the slave trade?

The US constitution specified that Congress was free to outlaw the slave trade after 20 years. Congress did so the first date it was allowed.The Constitution prohibited Congress from outlawing the Atlantic slave trade for twenty years.

Constitution made slave trade legal until what year?

The United States Constitution protected the slave trade for twenty years. This protection was not to expire prior to the year 1808. After January first of that year, laws could take effect to end the slave trade in the United States.

What year did the US Constitution permit the slave trade to continue?


Which changed to the US Constitution was a direct result of slave trade compromise?

Congress was given the power to ban the slave trade after 1808.

What was the journey that the slave ships took called?

The Slave Trade

Why did the founders allow the slave trade to continue when they wrote the constitution?

for economic results

What year did the delegates of the constitution agree that they would NOT ban slave trade?