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The era called the Elizabethan Age was a time of many changes and developments. This is why it was also called the Golden Age in English history.

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Q: The Elizabethan age was called the age of what?
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What was the Elizabethan era also called?

The Elizabethan Era was also called ( and known as) The Golden Age

Why did shakespaere name his play Elizabethan age?

Shakespeare wrote lots of plays not one of which was named "elizabethan age". The time he lived in was called the Elizabethan Age after Queen Elizabeth 1st.

What is the age during which Shakespeare lived called in history?

It's called the elizabethan Age or English Renaissance.

Continuation of Middle Ages during the Elizabethan age?

No or it wouldn't be called "Elizabethan" it would have been called the middle ages. Two different time periods.

What was Queen Elizabeth's time period called?

The Elizabethian Age IMPROVEMENT. The Elizabethan Era and/or The Golden Age

What is elizabethan clothing?

Elizabethan clothing is clothing during the Elizabethan age. In other words, this is the age of Shakespeare and the bubonic plague.

Why was the Elizabethan age called the age of tragedy?

Because many of the best tragic stage plays were written at that time.

Why is the Elizabethan age famous for and why it is called so?

It was famous for Art, William Shakespeare, new foods,England became stronger and more richer, the reason it was called the Elizabethan age because she had so much power she ruled for a long rein and she was so famous.

What time period did William shakespeare live in what was this time period called?

It's called the Elizabethan Age or the English Renaissance.

What is the Elizabethan age?

The Elizabethan Age was a period in English history when Queen Elizabeth I ruled. It lasted from 1558 to 1603 and has been considered by historians as the golden age in English history. The Elizabethan Age was most famous for theatre, featuring playwrights like William Shakespeare.

Who wrote corny catching tracts in the Elizabethan age?

Corny Catching Tracts was written by Robert Greene in 1608 in the form of pamphlets in Elizabethan age.

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