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Governed in a parental way by providing for their needs but not giving them rights.

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Q: The European policy of paternalism reflected the belief that Africans should be?
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Why did European colonists believe they had the right to colonize Africa?

Paternalism- belief that they were to look over and take care of the Africans and imperialism because European thought they were better than the africans

Why do you thinkEuropeans thought they were better then Africans?

Europeans believed they were superior to Africans due to their Eurocentric worldview, which considered European culture, technology, and society as more advanced. This belief was also reinforced by the European colonial mindset that justified exploiting African resources and labor. The legacy of colonialism and racism also played a significant role in perpetuating this belief of superiority.

In the poem Africa why are African's look down upon?

The poem "Africa" by David Diop explores the historical experiences of Africans being colonized and enslaved by European powers, leading to the belief that Africans were inferior. This perception of being looked down upon is rooted in the long history of oppression and racism that Africans have faced.

How did africans get caught to be slaves?

Africans were captured by other Africans, European slave traders, or Arab slave traders through raiding, warfare, kidnapping, or trading with local leaders. They were then transported across the Atlantic Ocean in brutal conditions to be sold into slavery in the Americas.

The belief that words and music were closely linked is reflected in the?

the doctrine of affection

What belief in rights of people was reflected in Wilson's peace plan?


Which belief of the early Greeks is reflected in the story of Perseus?

you can not escape your destiny

What does animistic belief reveal about traditional West Africans?

that some people are idiots

What factors lead European colonist to use Africans to resupply their labor force?

European colonists used Africans for labor due to their physical resilience, knowledge of agriculture, and perceived ability to withstand tropical climates. Additionally, the African slave trade provided a large and cheap workforce that could be exploited for economic gain in industries such as mining, plantation agriculture, and domestic service. The belief in the superiority of Europeans over Africans also played a significant role in justifying the use of African slaves as a labor force.

Which belief of Jews and Christians influenced European civilization?

The belief of Jews and Christians that influenced European civilization was the way they marked time. There was also a belief that there is a supernatural being who controls the universe.

Why were the African people used as slaves?

Africans were used as slaves due to the demand for labor in European colonies, coupled with the belief that Africans were inferior beings, leading to the transatlantic slave trade. Economic interests and the desire for free labor also played a significant role in the widespread use of African slaves.

What does animistic belief system reveal about traditional west africans?

The animistic belief system of traditional West Africans reveals their close connection to nature, their belief in spirits inhabiting natural elements, and their holistic view of the world where everything is interconnected and has spiritual significance. This belief system influences their customs, rituals, and relationships with the environment and community.