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Because it meant that the Catholic Church didn't have control over all of it. They couldn't threaten a Protestant ruler with excommunication to keep them in line, for example.

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Q: The Protestant Reformation represents a turning point in European history because it?
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The Protestant Reformation started primarily because of the action of?


Religious conflict in Europe?

that the people wanted a protestant religion so they moved

Why is the reformation called the protestant reformation?

The Protestant Reformation is called Protestant because it meant pro-Testimony, back to the Bible and not protest.Roman Catholic AnswerBecause protestant is what resulted from the "reformers" protesting the Church. Unfortunately they did not get "back to the Bible", as a matter of fact, they mutilated the Bible by throwing whole books out of it, and mistranslating it.

How did the reformation set the stage for the modern world-?

Protestant churches grew and the Catholic Church became unified because of the Reformation.

The Protestant Reformation started primarily because of the actions of?

The Protestant Reformation started primarily because of the actions of Martin Luther. Luther challenged the validity of the Catholic church, while believing its rules and principles to be both harsh and rigid. Luther and his supporters "protested" against the Church and its doctrines. This led to the reformation and the creation of the Protestant sect and faith.

The Protestant Reformation started primarly because of the action of?

Martin Luther is credited with starting the Protestant Reformation in 1517 after publishing The Ninety-Five Theses. It stemmed from malpractice and simony in the Roman Catholic Church.

What impact did the Crusades have in the decline of the Roman Catholic Church in Western Europe?

Because of the Crusades, the stage was set for the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation is when man rejected the distorted Christianity of Rome and turned to the truths of the Biblical Christianity.

Because of the reformation and protestant iconoclasts' what did many northern renassance painter do?

They moved religious messages to the background.

Why was Spain in the Catholic Reformation?

Because Spain had the "most Catholic monarchs" who sought to preserve the faith in their country unspotted by protestant heretics.

Why is the Renaissance and the Reformation classified as revolution?

The Renassiance was more of an evolution of culture, which was exceeding its highest form of art and music. The Protestant Reformation, however, was more of a revolution because it was a rebellion against the church's ways.

What were the social effects of reformation?

the reformation had both catholic and protestant martyrs.....villages and families were divided.In the reign of mary ....many protestans of all ranks into exile....

What is the symbol of protestant?

The cross. The cross is not an idol, nor should it be an idol but it is a reminder of the sacrifice that was made for us.