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Q: The Serbs Bosnians Croats and Slovenes all lived in a region in southeastern Europe called the?
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Are serbs or croats tallest in the world?

I dont know but they are both have a averageheight much higher then swedish for exampel because they are many living here and I work with many andmany are over 2 m even. I think they are the same tallnes and are both tallest in Europe and probably the world.

Who are the croat's?

Croats are Southern Slavic people. They live in Europe in the area of the western balkans, southern central europe, at the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and the Pannonian Plain.Although, Croatia is usually labeled as a balkan state, this is somewhat misleading.In fact, about 50% of the actual territory of the Republic of Croatia is geographically on the Balkan peninsula, whereas the other half is just to the north of it, including it's capital Zagreb.Croats make up about 89% of the population of the Republic of Croatia.About 87% of Croats are nominally Roman Catholic.They also have a large diaspora, living in the neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, Usa, Canada, Germany, South America etc.Croats speak Croatian language, belonging to the Western branch of southern Slavic languages.

The rivalry between which states for domination of southeastern Europe helped create serious tensions before World War I?

before world war 1 both Russia and the austro-Hungarian empire were competing for control of Serbia, this led to Franz Ferdinand's death.

What are the 5 subregions of Europe?

There are five distinct regions of Europe. These include central Europe, eastern Europe, northern Europe, southern Europe, and western Europe.

What part of Europe did Charlemagne rule?

Western Europe.

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What country in southeastern Europe practiced ethnic cleasning?

You might be referring to the former Yugoslavic states, particularly Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia where war between Bosnians, Serbs, and Croats led to ethnic fighting between the 3 parties.

What were the nationalities of the Slavic peoples?

The Slavic peoples originated in Eastern Europe and are mainly composed of nations such as Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Serbs, Croats, Bulgarians, and Slovenes.

Do Bosnians need a visa to come to Europe after January 2010?

I want to know whether Bosnians and Albanians will benefit from a law that will benefit Serbs from January 2010 on that allows them to come to Europe?And in case the answer is no I want to know why not

Is the Caspian sea in northwestern Europe or southeastern?


The third wave of immigration came mostly from where?

Eastern and southeastern Europe

Which southeastern Europe country is the least populated?

Albania is the least populated country in southeastern Europe.

Where did lilacs originate?

Lilacs originate from southeastern Europe and eastern Asia.

Which of southeastern European country is one of the poorest in all of Europe?

Albania is the poorest of the Southeastern European countries, and one of the poorest in all of Europe.

Which peninsula is Southeastern Europe located in?


Turky is in which continent?

Turkey is in southeastern Europe.

What is thepeninsula in southeastern Europe?

The Balkan peninsula.

The area of southeastern Kansas the little Balkans attracted immigrants from southeastern Europe to work in what?

The mines