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the war of jenkins's ear was fought between the British and Spain

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Q: The War of Jenkins's Ear was fought between?
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Where was the war of jenkins ear fought?

The War of Jenkins' Ear was fought in Austria and Prussia. The Americans also fought the French is America.

What is the primary difference between a civil war and a war between nations?

A civil war is a war fought between the inhabitants of one country, for example, the US Civil War was fought between the South and North US. However, a "normal" war is fought between 2 opposing powers.

Who fought in the war of jenkins ear?

Spain an Englan, Spain defeat heavily Englang

When was The civil war was fought?

The American Civil War was fought in 1861-1865. The Civil War was fought between April 12, 1861 until May 10, 1865. This was a war fought between the Northern and Southern states in the U.S.

What war was fought between the north and south in the 1800s?

The Civil War. The War between the States. The War between Brothers. The War of Northern aggression.

Where was the punic war fought?

The first Punic War was fought between Carthage, and Rome, the second was fought in Rome, and the third was fought in Carthage.

Was the Civil War fought in 1910?

the civil war in the USA was fought between 1861-1865

In which year was the first world war fought?

World War I was fought between 1914 and 1918.

What is the difference between a foreign and a Civil War?

A foreign war is fought between at least two separate countries. A civil war is fought between factions inside one nation.

War between states in the Civil War?

Yes, the war was fought between 1861 and 1865.

What was the war fought between mycenae and troy?

The Trojan War.

Who was the Anglo Boer war fought between?

The first Anglo-Boer war was fought between the British and the Boers from ZAR in South Africa. The war was a war of independence against the British.