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thoaadi pan de lun khote saalyo....

mera time waste kita je harrraaamdyo......

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Q: The achievement of sher shah as a reformer?
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When was Sher Shah Suri born?

Sher Shah Suri was born in 1486.

When was Tomb of Sher Shah Suri created?

Tomb of Sher Shah Suri was created in 1554.

A note on sher shah's administration?

sher shah kurhasani bukhre came 1695 in karachi

When did Sher Shah Suri die?

Sher Shah Suri died on 1545-05-22.

Did sher shah suri actually kill a tiger?

Yes sher shah suri actually killed a tiger , because he himself killed a tiger at the age of fourteen he was named as SHER SHAH SURI

When was syed sher shah bukaray came Karachi?

sher shah bukaray came ab 1695 to 1735 in karachi

What are Sher Shah Suri's main achievements?

sher shah suri make humayun run from his own territory. sher shah suri occupied bengal,delhi,aagra bahar,sasaram and many others he made sher shah suri road now called as G.T. Road in all these cities.

When was sher shah suri attacked on sindh?

sher shah suri was defeated by brave sindh Dola Dariyah Khan on 1543

Who was the general of sher shah?

Brahmajit Gaur

Shershah Khurasani Sher Shah?

sher shah khurasani come from bukhara (uzbakistan ) in aprox. 1695 or 1735he was grear sufi sent in karachi

What was humayun the mughal doing in Persia?

humayun when humayun was throned he had to face a lot of enemies . the most powerful of them were Sher Shah Suri and Bahadur Shah. When humayun turned to attack sher Shah Suri of Bengal and turned towards Bahadur Shah of Gujarat Sher Shah suri occupied his lost territories and when Humayun turned towards sher shah suri Bahadur shah occupied his lost territories . Sher shah finally gained powers and attacked Humayun and defeated him and made him homeless. Humayun escaped to Persia . After Sher Shah Die in a gun explosion Humayun recaptured the mughal territories in India . while he was in Persia he wandered as a nomad and finally got help from the Persian king to recapture his places

Is sher shah a mughal emperer?

no, he was from the Suri dynasty