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Mound builders

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Q: The area known as the Four Corners was home to?
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How wide is home plate and do the corners add to that space?

Home plate is 17 inches wide from corner to corner and covers an area of 216 square inches. Since the shape of home plate is pentagonal, the corners do not add any width to the plate.

What continent did the Anasazi build their cliff dwellings?

The Anasazi made their home in North America. More specifically the "Four Corners" region of the United States (the area where the border of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado meet).

Which region is home to the Navajo nation and the hopi tribe?

The American Southwest in the Four corners region on the high Colorado Plateau.

What is a baseball diamond?

A baseball diamond is the four-cornered portion of a baseball field in which the corners are the three bases and the home plate - which the batters run around to score home runs.

What region is the home to deserts and canyons?

The American Southwest or perhaps the Four Corners region.

What is the area surrounding a home known as?

The area surrounding a home is commonly referred to as the property or yard. It can also be called the premises or grounds.

What is the meaning of the home and family living by the four learning areas of Technology and Livelihood Education?

1. What is the Four Learning Area of Technological Livelihood Education?

What determines the red and blue corners in boxing?

If they are playing "home" or "away".

Who was the English Romantic painter that is known for his landscape paintings of the area surrounding his home?

John Constable

What city in Tennessee miley Stewart went home to in the movie?

She went home to the fictional town of Crowley Corners, Tennessee.

What is the most corners gained in 1 soccer match?

On November 13, 1965 Leicester City were awarded at least 34 corners in a home match against Manchester United, and still lost 0-5!!

Where is the Stahl-Conrad Homestead in Hales Corners Wisconsin located?

The address of the Stahl-Conrad Homestead is: 9724 W Forest Home Ave, Hales Corners, WI 53130-1618