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Explore the Western Hemisphere

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Q: The astrolabe and improvements in cartography helped europeans to?
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How did an astrolabe help sailors?

An astrolabe helped sailors because it could determine any direction based on the position of the stars. This is why the astrolabe helped sailors.

How did the astrolabe help the explorers?

it helped them locate their latitude

What Technological advances like cartography navigation and shipbuilding during the Renaissance led to?

Technological advances like improved cartography, navigation tools such as the astrolabe and compass, and advancements in shipbuilding techniques helped facilitate exploration and trade during the Renaissance. These developments led to increased maritime exploration, the discovery of new lands, and the establishment of trade routes that expanded global trade networks.

An invention of the Renaissance that helped sailors to accurately maneuver their ships is?


How did the astrolabe help?

The astrolabe helped magellan because its a sailing tool. im not exactly sure, but im pretty sure it tells you what lattitude your at, either way it helped him circumnavigate the world, proving that it was round.

What technology did Amerigo Vespucci use?

Amerigo Vespucci used navigational technology such as the astrolabe and the compass, along with maps and charts, to aid his voyages in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. These tools helped him navigate across the Atlantic Ocean and explore the coast of South America.

What invention helped Marco polo's Travels gain wider circulations?

the astrolabe

Which two technological devices helped navigators cross oceans?

the astrolabe and compass

What are the 3 technologies that helped explorers cross the ocean?

The compass, the astrolabe, and the rudder.

Which invention helped Marco Polo's gain wider circulation?

The Astrolabe!~XD

Which technological advancement helped unify both roman and the Inca empire?


How did compasses help the europeans?

it helped the europeans becausev they had no maps