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The British government took over in 1857 and maintained its rule (raj) until 1947... so it was 90 yrs.

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Q: The direct administration of India by the British government lasted for how many years?
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Since when was India a British colony?

"Canada" as a colony was never completely controlled by the British until the French capitulated New France on September 8th, 1760. However, Canada first became a colony in 1497 when John Cabot first landed and "claimed" the land in the name of Henry VII, then King of England. Canada officially became the "federal Dominion of Canada" on July 1st, 1867, marking the end of (overt) British rule over the Head of Government (the British monarch is the Head of State in Canada to this day). So officially a British colony: 1760-1867 European dominion: 1497-1760

Beijing was freed from warlords control in 1928 how long at the most Beijing's freedom lasted and why?

Beijing was free after its 1928 liberation until the Second Sino-Japanese War, in which the city fell on July 29, 1937. It was made the seat of the Provisional Government of the Republic of China a puppet government of Japanese-occupied China.

How long was world war 1 supposed to have lasted?

They thought it would be over by Christmas..... It lasted from August 1914 to November 1918

How did the British Empire not benefit its Empire?

I think it is fair, at least I hope it is, to say that Britain did well for the Empire. I also hope that those who were subjected to British rule, for as long as it lasted, do not feel that the British are too bad a lot. I am British, but I do not see myself now as a master of anything other than a small piece of real estate in UK. It was the way things were then. I am not going to be apologetic about what the British did, yes, we didn't get it right all the time. But it is the thrust of my point that there have been many, far worse Imperial powers in history. In some instances Britain did benefit its colonies. And if all you think we did was to spread Cricket & Christianity then there are worse things than those in this world.

What war in Canada lasted from 1756-1763?

The Seven Years' War lasted from 1756-1763. It involved many of the great powers of the time. See 'related links' for more information.

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The direct administration of India by the British government lasted for?

90 years

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