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Main Facts on his Life.

In the year 1118, he was born in Cheapside(im guessing it was a cheapside of town get it LOL)in London,England.



He was Murdered(lovely)and stabbed brutally.

When he was being murdered one of the solidiers hit him so hard in the head,the sword broke!

Its okay to look now

He died in the year 1170 in Canterbury Cathederal

Poor guy

I hoped this helped if you want any simple answers.Sorry only some are gory.

This is best for Y7's who are in Mr Dohertys class as he wanted some gory facts about him.

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Thomas Becket died on 29th December, 1170 at Canterbury cathedral.

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December 29, 1170

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29th December 1170

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Q: The facts about thomas beckets life and death?
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when he was crowned Archbishop of Canterbury by Henry II

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Henry II and Thomas Becket fell out. (IDK what that means, but it was on a historical paper...)

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Henry and Thomas had been close friendsThomas became Henry's archbishop of CanterburyThomas became very religious and took churchs sideHenry and Thomas have a quarrel and Thomas flea's off to FranceHenry and Thomas patch things up and Thomas fleas back to EnglandThomas did more things to annoy Henry (he made Henry angry)Henry flew into a rage and said ' who will rid me of this troublesome priest'4 knights over heard this and went to kill Thomas miley140this is actually true coz i learnt it at school when i was young!!!!!!

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Thomas was murdered by followers of King Henry II after the King hinted broadly that he wanted Becket removed from his life.

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