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Q: The language of a particular profession or group is known as?
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Which group of countries were known as triple entente in World War 2?

Germany, austria/hungary ect!!

What is a group of traveling merchants called?

A group of travelling merchants are called carvans

What are the 5 characteristics of social studies?

history, jobs, education, politics and society

Which country does the word tornado come from?

It likely cannot be traced back to a single country. It is known that the word originates from the Spanish language.

What is the bantu empire?

There are more than 60 million people who speak Bantu as their native language. They live primarily in the regions that straddle the equator and continue southward into southern Africa where it is believed they migrated to.[an error occurred while processing this directive] It is believed that the Bantu origins lie in Cameroon. In about 1000 BC a massive migration began (considered one of the largest in human history). This migration continued until around the 3rd or 4th century AD.Anthropologists have studied this phenomenon and believe there are several possibilities for its occurrence. It may have been due to a growing population in ancient times, which increased the need for more food. It was around this time that the banana, which is native to Asia, was introduced in southern Africa.Another important occurrence in the history of the Bantu is a split that created two major language families. They are known as the Eastern Bantu and the Western Bantu. The Eastern Bantu migrated to Zimbabwe, Mozambique and down into South Africa. The Western Bantu migrated into Angola, Namibia, and parts of Botswana.Currently the Bantu are known more as a language group than as a distinct ethnic group. Swahili is the most widely spoken Bantu language and is considered the lingua franca of around 50 million people living in the countries along the east coast of Africa.The ethnic groups that make up the Eastern Bantu include the Xhosa, Zulu, Kikuyu, and Shona peoples. The Western Bantu include the Herero and Tonga peoples.

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This is a form of language that is characteristic of a particular place or by a particular group of people?

This is known as a dialect, which refers to a specific form of language that is unique to a region or group of people. Dialects can vary in terms of vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar from standard forms of the language.

What is a complex set of emotional and behavioral characteristics developed by members of an occupational group i known as?

This is known as professional identity, which is shaped by the unique values, beliefs, skills, and practices that define a particular occupational group. Professional identity helps individuals within that group understand their role, responsibilities, and connections with others in the profession.

What is a jargon?

Jargon refers to specialized language used by a particular group or profession that may not be easily understood by those outside of that group. It can act as a form of shorthand for communicating complex ideas efficiently among members of the same field.

A regional social or ethnic variation of a language is known as a?

A dialect. It refers to the form of a language spoken in a particular region or by a specific group of people, characterized by distinct vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

Dividing electoral districts to limit the voting strength of a particular group is known as?

Dividing electoral districts to limit the voting strength of a particular group is known as gerrymandering.

What is known as a group of independent organisms in a particular environment?


When one particular image is fixed with an individual or group it is known as?


Is NOT a Germanic language?

Hungarian is not a Germanic language. It belongs to the Finno-Ugric language family, which is separate from the Germanic language group.

Who is known as the founder of nursing profession?

Who is known as the founder of nursing profession?

What were greek actors called?

Greek actors were part of a class called hypocrites. The acting profession was known as the group with two faces.

What type of language did medes speak?

The Medes spoke a language known as Median, which was part of the Northwestern Iranian language group. Unfortunately, not much is known about the Median language as there are very few surviving records or inscriptions in this language.

Is the Basque language part of the Celtic group?

No, the Basque language is not part of the Celtic language group. It is a language isolate, meaning it does not belong to any known language family. Basque is spoken in the Basque Country region in northern Spain and southwestern France.