The leader of the Franks was .?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: The leader of the Franks was .?
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How did Clovis became leader of the Franks?

Clovis I became leader of the Franks by conquering all those who were not subject to him when he succeeded his father, Childeric I, as King of the Salian Franks.

The leader who brought Christianity to the franks was?

Chlodovocar, more commonly known as Clovis, brought Christianity to the Franks.

Leader of Franks who built huge empire?

The Kingdom of the Franks was founded by Clovis I, who was crowned first King of the Franks in 496. The greatest expansion of the empire was obtained before the early 9th century.

Who was the most famous and respected Muslim leader of his age?

Saladin was the most famous Muslim leader of his age. He drove the Franks out of the Middle East and conquered Egypt and the Levant.

Leader of the Franks who conquered Europe?

Between the coronation of Clovis in 496 and the eighth century, the Franks expanded their territory through much of Western Europe. Charlemagne was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 800.

Were the franks christian or Muslim?

By the time they were called "Franks" they were Christians.

The only barbarian group to create a lasting state was the?

the Franks :)

What Germanic tribe became known as chief defender of the western church?

The Franks. The Frankish leader at the time, Clovis, was convinced by his wife, Clotilda, to convert to Christianity. By becoming the first of the Barbarian tribes to accept Christianity, Clovis led the Franks to defend the Christian Church in the West.

Why were the franks able to grow powwserful?

the franks

What is the birth name of Bob Franks?

Bob Franks's birth name is Robert Douglas Franks.

What is the birth name of Bobby Franks?

Bobby Franks's birth name is Robert E. Franks.

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