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The most important quality for a student of history is a thirst for knowledge; to have a strong desire to know why, when, where, who, and how. I know this for a fact because I am a lifelong student of history.

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Q: The most important quality for a student of history to possess is what?
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Why do we learn about history when it is in the past?

We learn about history, so we can attempt to make the present and future a better place to live. By learning about our past we can make better choices and not make the same mistakes twice. And we also learn about ourselves and how we can, perhaps make history. == We try to reconstruct the past so that we can understand the present and plan for the future. If the dramatic stories of the past, in themselves, do not interest a student, and if a student has no desire to understand the present or to plan for the future, then I suspect that no answer to the question will be good enough.

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Why is social studies hard?

Okay, 1: social studies is not hard at all if you are a good student. 2: if social studies is hard, that is because history has lasted longer than 3 thousand years in some places, so there are many places where history is long.

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A student in Japan practices English by talking with students in Ireland over the internet.

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