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Q: The only successful slave revolt in history took place in?
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What was the night of fire?

A book written by Toussaint L'ouverture about the largest and most successful slave revolt in history.

Where did the first successful slave revolt take place?

The first successful slave revolt took place in Haiti, then known as Saint-Domingue, between 1791 and 1804. Led by Toussaint Louverture and other enslaved individuals, the revolt ultimately led to the establishment of Haiti as the first independent nation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Where did slave revolt took place here forcing napoleon to sell the Louisiana Territory to the US?

The slave revolt in Haiti.

Why was the seventeen thirty thirdstjohn rebellion not successful?

The 1733 St. John Rebellion was not successful because several hundred French and Swiss troops sent from Martinique defeated the slave rebels. However, the revolt was the longest slave insurrection in American history.

What was nat turner famous for?

She started a bloody slave revolt and many were killed; but she was successful.

A successful and bloody slave revolt led to the creation in 1804 of the black republic of?


Who led the fist successful slave revolt in Latin America?

Osama Bin Laden

The largest slave revolt in the history of the thirteen colonies?

The stono rebellion

Where did the first serious slave revolt take place?


After leading the most significant slave revolt in US history nat turner was?


In what state did the nat turner slave revolt of 1831 take place A Georgia B Virginia C Alabama D South Carolina?

Virginia was the state that slave revolt took place. This was in the year 1831.

What was the outcome of the slave revolt?

The outcome of the slave revolt varied depending on the specific revolt in question. Some revolts were successful in gaining more rights for slaves or even freedom, while others were brutally suppressed by authorities resulting in many deaths and harsher conditions for remaining slaves.