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Manchester United rule!!!!!!!!

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Q: The people who ruled England before the Norman invasion were powerful English?
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Old English became the language of religion and literature immediately after the Norman invasion?

No, "Old English" is another name for Anglo-Saxon which had been in use in England a long time before the Norman invasion. The language of religion was Latin, still in use in parts of the Roman Catholic Church. The language of literature in England had been Old English for hundreds of years, after the invasion Norman French was used by the rich and powerful conquerors.

The people who ruled England before the Norman invasion were powerfull English?

Anglo - Saxons.

Why did English survive as the language of England after the Norman invasion?

It didn't as English wasn't in existence at that time. English is the fusion of Norman French, Anglo-Saxon and Latin which only began after the arrival of the Normans in 1066. B. Actually, Old English was spoken in England before the Norman invasion. However, as the Duke of Normandy became King William I of England the French language became the language of the nobles and soon after also the language of the church together with Latin. The Norman impact of the English language can be found in dictionaries where numerous words originating from the French language occurs.

Which event marked the end of Anglo Saxon period?

The Anglo-Saxon period of English history ended with the Norman conquest in 1066.

What language did noman England speak?

Before the Norman invasion of 1066, the main language of England was Old English, also known as Anglo-Saxon. The Norman conquerers spoke Norman French, and these two languages existed side by side for a time. Eventually Middle English developed as a mix of Anglo-Saxon and Norman.

What marked the end of the Anglo-Saxons?

The Norman invasion of England in 1066 ended Anglo-Saxon independence and control of England. However, the Anglo-Saxons continued to exist for centuries, until their population merged with the population of the Normans, and others, to produce the English population.

Who led Norman invasion of England?

William I, Duke of France

What story does the tapestry of bayeux tell?

The Norman invasion of England

Who were people who ruled England before the Norman invasion?


Who is the William the conqueror?

He was a Norman duke who led an invasion of England in 1066

Is there a Norman the conquerer?

There's William the Conqueror, William I of England 1066 & all that. He was a Norman, that is he came from Normandy in France. Therefore the invasion of England led by William was the Norman Conquest.

What event marked the end of the Saxon period?

the Norman invasion of England in 1066