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The French Revolution of 1848 ultimately resulted in the creation of the French Second Republic. This is also referred to as the February Revolution.

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Q: The revolution of 1848 in France ultimately resulted in?
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In the 1848 revolution in France France and the rest of Europe experienced?

If you are on Odysseyware: An economic depression

Before the 1848 revolution in France France and the rest of Europe experienced?

If you are on Odysseyware: An economic depression

Is France governed by a queen prime minister or president?

France today is led by a President. France used to have a monarchy, but this has ceased to be with the Revolution of 1848.

What was the second republic in France?

The second Republic was the regime which replaced monarchy after the French revolution of 1848. In 1815, following the fall of Napoleon, the monarchy was restored. A revolution in 1830 resulted in a change of King, but the 1848 saw the definitive overthrow of monarchy in France.However, the second Republic was short-lived, as Napoleon's nephew, Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, seized power and changed the regime for a second empire in 1852.

When Monarchy was abolished in France?

France abolished their monarchy for the last time in 1875.

What was the outcome of the most revolution outside France in 1848?

Most of the uprisings outside of France failed. The rulers used military force, and some of the revolutionaries didn't' have mass support.

What was the revolution in Germany that occurred in 1848 called?

March Revolution

What did the revolution of 1848 have in common?


What are the release dates for The California Revolution of 1848 - 1911?

The California Revolution of 1848 - 1911 was released on: USA: 6 October 1911

Who was the bourbon monarch that ruled France after napoleon?

There were two Bourbon Monarchs that ruled in the period between Napoleonic France and the Second Republic: 1814 - 1824 Louis XVIII 1824 - 1830 Charles X There was then a revolt which resulted in the Orleans House coming to power. 1830 - 1848 Louis Philippe 1848 was when the Second Republic began.

How was the french revolution of 1848 really two revolution?

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What happened during the German revolution of 1848?

During the German Revolution of 1848, a series of political uprisings occurred across the German Confederation in response to social and economic grievances. The revolutionaries demanded liberal reforms, such as constitutional rights, freedom of speech, and an end to serfdom. However, the revolution ultimately failed to achieve its goals, as conservative forces reasserted control and suppressed the uprisings through military force.