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a system in which land is exchanged for military service and loyalty

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Q: The term feudalism is best defined as?
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What was the original purpose of feudalism in China?

Feudalism in China, like Feudalism all over the world, was meant to keep peasants oppressed and nobles powerful. It succeeded for centuries.

What is true of feudalism?

feudalism meant the enslavement of the agrarian workforce for the enrichment of the privileged. Each class had duties and rights.

Where does the word feudalism come from?

The word feudalism comes from the Latin word feodum or fuedum. In the feudalism system, land lords made a fair exchange with the peasants. The lords offered peasants food, a fortification,and protection, as they worked for them.

Why is feudalism important?

Feudalism was the social structure prevalent in Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance. It provided security in the absence of sovereign nations.

Did feudalism evolve in response to invasions by vikings Muslims and Magyars?

The answerer hinges on the term evolve - whether it is meant as the driving force for the establishment of feudalism or the changes that the presence of external enemies required feudalism to change into a monarch .Feudalism initially provided structure when larger social structures disappeared and local, non-centralized, authority was required.. As an example when the Roman Empire pulled out of Britain. The system allowed the development of an economy with workers and leaders with a strong defensive capacity for both external and internal (policing activities.Under the pressures of competition between competing feudal outposts and the need for unified battle strategies the feudal system eventually gave way to monarchies.