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Kellogg-Briand Pact (also called the Pact of Paris)

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Kellogg Briand Pact was the toothless international agreement of 1928 that pledged nations to outlaw war.

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Kellogg Briand Pact

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Q: Toothless international agreement of 1928 that pledged nations to outlaw war?
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Chinese secret group pledged to rid the country of foreign devils?

The Chinese secret group pledged to rid the country of foreign devils were called Boxers.

What is the issue of world war 1?

germany hated the world and pledged revenge on everyone :)

What factors contributed to the outbreak world war 2 in Europe?

Hitler's rise to power, most notably. The German people still harbored animosity toward Europe over reparations from World War I, and many supported Hitler's call for a larger German state. He quickly began expanding the new German Empire through annexation of smaller nations, and then began attacking other countries who wouldn't join him (except for those who pledged neutrality, such as the USSR). When he invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, Great Britain and her allies (including Canada, Australia, British India, New Zealand, etc.) declared war on Hitler and his allies.

In what different ways did major countries attempt to deal with international aggression from 1936 to 1941?

Some points: * France & Britain failed to resist the German reoccupation of the Rhineland * The great powers stayed out of the Spanish Civil War * France & Britain failed to resist the German invasion of Austria * France & Britain attempted to maintain European peace at the Munich Conference * On 31 march 1939, France & Britain pledged to support Poland against a German attack * Nazi Germany & communist Russia signed a friendship/non-aggression pact in August 1939 * Between August & October of 1940 airmen from Britain, the commonwealth, France and Poland took on the Nazi airforce over the skies of Britian.

What invasion led to great Britain entering world war 1?

Germany invaded Belgium as a path to get to France. (France and Germany had already mutually declared war in support of Austria-Hungary vs. Russia.) The French army was waiting for them on the Frech-German border but by passing thru neutral Belgium, Germany was able to get their army BEHIND the French army. It was called Schlieffen Plan after the German Field Marshal Alfred Graf von Schlieffen, who developed it. Britain had decades earlier pledged to guarantee the territorial integrity of Belgium as it had previously been coveted by Germany, France, and The Netherlands. Actually, it had previously been PART of The Netherlands and its independence was when Britain pledged its support. Germany gambled that Britain would NOT honor its commitment to go to war in support of Belgium. It was STUPID of Germany to think that Britain would ignore its responsibility.

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Who did Kellogg-Briand Pact make an international agreement with?

The KelloggÐBriand Pact is an agreement originating in 1928 that was signed by many nations. These signatory countries have pledged to resolve disputes through diplomacy, not force.

What was the United Nations created?

The United Nations was chartered as an organization on June 26, 1945 at the United Nations Conference on International Organization in San Francisco. (Poland later signed the agreement, becoming one of the 51 original members.) The UN was officially created on October 24, 1945 when the agreement was ratified by a majority of the signatory nations. In many member countries, October 24 is celebrated as United Nations Day.The actual title was coined by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in the Declaration by United Nations (Atlantic Charter) of January 1, 1942. Representatives of 26 nations pledged their governments to continue fighting together against the Axis Powers, upon whom the US had declared war the month before.

What was the charter pledged by u.s. and England for international relations and freedom of trade called?


What name was given to the 26 nations who pledged their governments to keep fighting together against the axis powers?

They were called the Allied Forces, or simply, Allies.

Was a post World War 2 organization where the members pledged to seek to settle disagreements peacefully and prevent or end future wars?

United Nations

What were the short-term legacy of the congress of Vienna?

The United front by Nations large and small to end Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars. They had branded him an outlaw and had all pledged a major army to seek him out and destroy him. It also created a Germanic Confederation and pledged a return of the Monarchy to France.

How did the world react to the 2004 tsunami?

Australia has pledged $7.6 million (Aust. $10 million) in emergency aid to assist Asian nations struck by the tsunamis.

What did the new government pledged?

They pledged the united states to freedom!

What was the pledged?

The Munich Pledge was to pledged their support in guaranteeing Polish independence.

The Truman Doctrine pledged to provide economic and military assistance to any nation threatened by communism Two of the first nations to receive aid under this doctrine were?

Greece and Turkey

What was the effect of the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty II negotiated by Gerald Ford on the Soviet Union and the US?

SALT II pledged the nations to limit nuclear arms production.

What is the alliance system?

This was a series of international treaties where countries pledged to come to the aid of any of the other members of the alliance should one be attacked by any other country.