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promoted trade

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Q: Townspeople supported monarchs during the middle ages because monarchs usually?
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When did Europeans take the Indians as slaves?

Europeans usually took Indians as slaves betweens the 1500's to the 1700. This was because alot of European explorers took expeditions around these times. When they got there and saw indians they took them as prisoner. They killed most of the Indians and kept little as slaves. Because they only really kept africans as slaves because they looked much stronger than anyone. When they saw how skinny and boney the indians were they only took muscular ones and usually killed the rest.

How did the granny police get their name?

the Granny police got there name because they would usually be an older person who stops any mothers from disobeying the one child policy

What was the name given to republicans from the north who moved south after the civil war to make money?

The Southerners called them Carpetbaggers, because they usually carried Gladstone bags made with carpet material.

What does poor people have and rich people don't have?

Homeless people are similar to rich people because they are both people that have feelings that can be hurt. ex. homeless or poor person makes calls a rich person self obsessed and without real friends. Rich person calls poor person stupid and dirty. Both might hurt the others feelings.They are different because homeless or poor people are wiser because they are forced to think about how they use any amount of money they have, they are often nicer and with more real friends but also less popular. Rich people are different from homeless or poor people because they have so much money that they usually didn't work for but inherited from a relative or parent which makes them not know what it is like to work, which makes them snobby and whiny if they don't get what they want and self obsessed about their image because they don't want to become unpopular because they don't look pretty or cool (usually). Sometimes rich people also pick on normal or unpopular people as well because they are jealous of them because they have REAL FRIENDS that they can talk to about personal things instead of just other popular people to share gossip with.

Why is it called a napoleon pocket?

"A Napoleon pocket is a pocket that is usually located on the left breast of a jacket, on the exterior or interior; the contents of the pocket are usually protected by a storm flap or water-resistant zipper. The pocket is so named because Napoleon Bonaparte was often featured in portraits as having his right arm inside the left part of his jacket."

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What political positions are for life?

Usually dictators or monarchs.

Why did monarchs usually support commerce?

Tax trade to increase revenues

Why did the northers join the Klu Klux Klan?

Usually because the Klan strongly supported and enforced prohibition laws.

How does a noblewoman knight a man?

A Queen regnant, who was a monarch, could create a knight, and the procedure would be the same as for a king. Since knights were usually created by monarchs, there were very few women who created knights, because there were very few female monarchs. Nevertheless, there were some; Ethelfleda of Mercia, Margaret I of Denmark, and Hedwig of Poland were all female monarchs. There were others as well.

How many compound eyes does a monarch butterfly have?


What do monarchs live in?

In America, Monarch Butterflies usually live in the southern parts like Alabama or Mississippi.

Why did communists kill czar Nicholas?

He was a threat to their power and communists usually hate monarchs such as kingd and czars

How is research usually supported?

With citations of experts and research on the topic.

How helpful to communication is sterotype?

It depends on the stereotype. Usually it is ill-advised because it appears closeminded to those of a different opinion. However, some stereotypes are unavoidable and/or statistically supported.

Why was the separation of church and state so important to the new Americas?

Because state supported churches usually tax the people, even if the people don't want to be part of the church and they usually persecute people that don't want to be part of the church.

How is the community of monks supported?

Monasteries or temples (communities of monks) usually are supported by donations, contributions, and/or begging.

Who in Europe sposered the exporations?

Usually the leaders of a kingdom/country will sponsor explorations. For example, Christopher Columbus turned to the monarchs of Spain for sponsorship.