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Q: True or false - The Age of Reason was a time of great achievement in science and mathematics?
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How do you answer a hypothesis in an experiment?

it is a educated guessANS2:You can answer the hypothesis by either proving it false or by failing to prove it false. One must never claim to have proven an hypothesis true. Truth does not exist in science. You can find truth in logic, mathematics, and religion.

What is false about science and technology is false?

"Science and technology are based upon sound religious principles" is a false statement.

Scientists who study the science of substances are called Geologists true or false?

False. Chemists study the science of substances.

What is a false statement about science and technology?

"Science and technology are based upon sound religious principles" is a false statement.

What is a hypothesis formed from?

A hypothesis is formed from a question. this question is most likely to get scientists debating on weather it is true or not, and this is where the hypothesis comes from. a hypothosis can either be true or false. you will use a hypothesis in science for your G.C.S.E and sometimes in mathematics.

Inquiry is a type of science based on random guesses true or false?


The branches of science are not separate from one another. True or False?

True. Biology is applied chemistry which is applied physics which is really only applied mathematics. Note "applied" means that they subject is a specific part or application of the one before.

Which of these statements about science and technology is false?

Science and technology are usually separate endeavors.

Which of these statments about science and technology is false?


True or false the book of Job is generally considered the supreme literary achievement of the Hebrews?


With Hallucinogen use you delvop a false sense of?

With hallucinogen use, you develop a false sense of: a.) ability b.) strength c.) achievement d.) none e.) all The answer is d.) none. hallucinogen use does not help you develop a false sense of ability, strength or achievement. Hallucinogens cause hallucinations that distort a persons perception of reality.

What is And in math?

And is used in logical comparison in mathematics. true and true is true. true and false is false. false and true is false. false and false is false.