Use radical in a sentence

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the gravitional pull from the heavy object was making it fall to the ground faster and at a more radical speed

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Q: Use radical in a sentence
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Use a sentence with the word radical as a noun?

The term 'radical' is oft seen in science and math.

How do you use powerlessness in a sentence?

Perhaps his radical activities were the result of a sense of powerlessness.

How do you use heterodox in a sentence?

The book demonstrates the extent and richness of the radical heterodox tradition in economics.

How do you use the word radical in a sentence?

There has been a radical increase in the world's population.The process allows you to simplify a constant radical.(slang)That skateboard move was really radical, dude!

What is a sentence using the word radical?

The activist proposed a radical approach to address social inequality in the community.

What is a sentence using the word violence?

It is impossible to understand the violence of radical fundamentalists.

What is an example of a sentence using the word beliefs?

I just couldn't follow his radical beliefs.

What is the square root of 99 in radical form?

The answer is: radical 99. I can't type the square-root symbol, but that is what you use. It's something like this: ____ \/ 99 This is radical 99.

What is a good sentence for the word fabricate?

Republicans always fabricate the truth when speaking to their radical Tea Baggers

How do you write a radical with an odd index?

You could write is as 6^(1/3) or 6^(1/5).If you wanted to use the radical symbol, you would use a superscript 3 or 5 (respectively) in front of the radical symbol. Unfortunately, this browser does not support such luxuries.

Do neutrophils use hydroxyl radical to kill bacteria?

yes it does

How do civil engineers use radical expressions?

lick my sac