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hey mr. smith's class!

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Q: Victor's overflowing pots to dam up the peace?
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What does a river dam do?

It helps stop the water from overflowing and covering everything with water. we can use dams to save water, to grow food and we can make elecitrcity

Who invented dam?

George Harrison invented the First dam ever named Hoover Dam after his son John Hoover.

Where exactly is the Peace Van located on Transformers Autobots ds?

in hoover dam find a hill

How are man made dams different then beaver dams?

Well man made dams like the Hoover dam can support the water from overflowing while beaver dams a just basically homes.

Where did the sayng tinkers dam come from?

When someone refers to something as a tinker's dam, they are saying that it is worthless. The phrase came from men who used to travel from town to town making repairs on pots and pans. The molds these men used were called dams, and they were thrown away after just one use. It was the fact that these dams were so readily disposed that the term tinker's dam came to be.

What is the dam problem?

There is no dam problem. Dams are carefully inspected several times per year and walk throughs are conducted by staff daily. Those dams that are found to be unsafe are fixed quickly. Now, if you are talking about dam builders, then yes, they are a problem sometimes. Beavers are prolific dam builders. These rodents can be a nuance to property owners and farmers with their dam building and flooding of perfectly good property. A couple of good busy dam beavers can soon turn acres of arable land into a real swamp. Just try to break one of their dams, the dam beaver are rebuilding the minute you turn your back, sometimes they are working to repair the dam at the same time you are breaking the dam. You might say they are dam persistent. Then there's the Tinker's dam. In the olden days, pots were literally made of tin. Since it was a relatively cheap material, the itinerant tin smith would regularly come through the neighborhood to repair these pots and pans. Using a bit of clay, he would make a "dam" of it around the hole. Given that tin is liquid when melted, the tin would be poured into the hole and the dam would stop the spread of the tin to the whole outside surface of the pot. It made a convenient patching process. But the dam, after it was used, was totally useless. It couldn't be used for clay any more because it was contaminated with the tin, so it was thrown away. So the expression "I would give a Tinker's Dam about it" was born for something totally useless. Dam problems can be interesting, can't they?

Are there any sharks in the Delta around Stockton Ca?

I don't know scrow you you Dam peace of crap computer my answer Is I don't no if there are

What are the dams of Pakistan?

List of reservoirs and dams in Pakistan• Diamer-Bhasha Dam• Gomal Zam Dam Project• Hub Dam• Kalabagh Dam• Karoonjhar Dam• Mangla Dam• Mirani Dam• Namal Dam• Rawal Dam• Shadikor Dam• Tarbela Dam• Warsak Dam

What is Dam Dam's population?

The population of Dam Dam is 36.

What are the examples of multipurpose river projects in Africa?

Aswan high dam Akasombo dam Inga dam Hendrink dam Kariba dam Cabara dam Kiira dam Kainji dam

What is the famous dam built on Krishna river?

Basava Sagar Dam Almatti Dam Srisailam Dam Nagarjuna Sagar Dam Prakasham Barrage Jurala Dam Dhom Dam Narayanpur Dam Amar Dam

What is the name of the dam on Colorado river between Arizona and Nevada?

There are six of them on the Colorado river. Glenn Canyon dam, Hoover dam, Davis dam, Parker dam, Palo Verde diversion dam and Imperial dam.