Vietnamese boat people

Updated: 8/22/2023
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Although considered evacuees at the time, escaping their conquered country (the former South Vietnam); over time they came to be accepted as simply "immigrants", similar to America's Pilgrams who fled from England in about 1620 in 80 foot long wooden boats (which historians prefer to call ships).

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Somewhat similar to the Pilgrims when they landed in America in their 80' foot long wooden ships in 1620. They were escaping religious prosecution from England (Great Britain). The boat people traveling in similar vessels were escaping South Vietnam as it was being conquered by North Vietnam; they were termed "refugees" as they were "escaping" from one country to another.

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Refugees fleeing the former RVN (Republic of South Vietnam).

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boat people

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Q: Vietnamese boat people
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Vietnamese who fled their country by sea?

"Vietnamese Boat People"

Who are boat people?

Vietnamese refugees

When did the Vietnamese boat people arrive in the Philippines?

1975 onwards.

Why did the Vietnamese boat people travel?

because they had nothing else to do

Where did the vietnamese boat people go?

I heard some people went to Malaysia

The Vietnamese boat people in the Philippines?

Just like the Pilgrams landing in America in the 1600s; the Vietnamese landed where ever they were welcomed in the 1970s.

How was New Zealand affected by the Vietnam War?

There was a exodus of Vietnamese people called the boat people to Australia and New Zealand.

Where did Vietnamese boat people resettled in the Philippines?

The northern & western coastal regions would seem a good bet.

South Vietnamese refugees and fear of communist north?

Most Vietnamese are not refugees and most refugees are not Vietnamese. Those Vietnamese that became refugees in the 1940s-1980s fled the violence of the Indochina Wars, which destroyed Vietnam and made life difficult for many Vietnamese.

How do you get new boat capacity plate?

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Describe the phenomenon of the boat people Vietnamese?

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Who are the boat people from Vietnam?

Boat people are refugees from Vietnam trying to flee Vietnam after the war ended in 1975.In 1954. Vietnam was divided into the North (Communism) and South (Demoracy). The North was supported by the Chinese and Soviet Union bloc. The South was backed by the U.S and its allies. During that year the Vietnamese were free to choose where to live. There has been more than 1 milion North Vietnamese moved to the South to live within the year of 1954, mostly by boat. In 1973 the U.S withdrew out of Vietnam, two year later, 1975 the country was reunited after the North had over-run the South government. Again, the Vietnamese must risk their lives to escaped out of the communist rulers by boat, this time was not 1 million, but more than 3 million of people set out to the sea. These people are called "boat people". There is more than 1 million Vietnamese residing in the U.S, the rest of them are scattering all over the world.In the history of mankind, there is no other exodus of people that iwas in such a large scale including the immigration of the Jews.