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No. At one point, Lancaster made No. 4, but that was the gighest it ever came. Liverpool, Whitehaven and Bristol were far more involved.

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Q: Was Lancaster the biggest slave trade town in England?
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When did England abolish the slave trade?

England abolished the slave trade in 1807 through the passing of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act.

What country was the 1st to be invovled in the slave trade?

England was the first to be involved with the slave trade

When was the slave trade in England?


What has the author Melinda Elder written?

Melinda Elder has written: 'Lancaster and the African slave trade'

Where was the stop of the slave trade?

Who stopped the slave tradethe slave trade sropped in America. And then abollished in England and Pakistan. I think

New England slave trade?

Before the Civil war and the disagreements with the South, the slave trade was alive and well in New England. The slave trade was dominated by the maritime industry. Rhode Island was responsible for more than half of all of the early US slave trade.

What trade did England control during the 1700s?

atlantic slave trade

How long ago was the slave trade abolished in England?

The Slave Trade Act, which was passed on March, 25, 1807, abolished the slave trade in the United Kingdom. The act abolished slave trade in the British Empire, but not slavery itself.

How did new England benefit from slave trade?

They had financial benefits and slaves were a good trade commodity.

Who were the European nations that first controlled the African slave trade?


How did triangle trade link the Southern Colonies to other English colonies to England and to Africa?

the slave trade

Which European countries participated in the slave trade?

Holand, Portagal, France, England