Was Nicholas leader of France

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nicolas Sarkozy

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Q: Was Nicholas leader of France
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Who are some famous leaders of France?

there really is only one leader of France which is Nicholas Sarkozy

Who was leader of Russia before Tsar Nicholas II?

Tsar Alexander III, Nicholas's father, was the leader of Russia before Nicholas II.

What does Nicholas Sarkozy do for a living?

Nicholas Sarkozy is the President of France.

Who is the leader of Dominica?

nicholas Liverpool

What country was nicholas appert from?


Leader of the Bank of the US?

Nicholas biddle

What is the gender of the president of France?

The president of France is Nicholas Sarkozy, a man.

Who is the curent president of France?

Nicholas Sarkozy

Where did Nicholas Flamel live?

Nicholas Flamel is believed to have lived in Paris, France during the 14th and 15th centuries.

Was nicholas ll a good leader?

not really bro

Leader of Russia 1914?

Czar Nicholas II.

What country was tsar nicholas 2 the leader of?