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No, he really wan't a tyrant. Many Americans consider him one, but he was never a tyrant. Americans went from a good king to ask a a real Tyrant King (France) for help.

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no he was not

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Q: Was king george the third called a tyrant?
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Was king george the third a tryant?

He was no tyrant and he was a popular king. He was just mentally ill.

Who called King George III a tyrant?

patrick henry, "give me liberty or give me death"

Who is the tyrant in Declaration of Independence?

King George III of England

Many colonial citizens believe this man to be a tyrant?

king george lll

Who was believed to be a tyrant by the colonial citizens?

King George lll

Who is Thomas Paine reffering to as a tyrant?

King George III.

Can a tyrant be a king?

Some tyrants have been kings. Think of King George III.

Who would be an example of a Tyrant we are studying the Declaration of Indepencence?

a person that would be an example of a tyrant would be King George the 3rd

How did thomas Paine refer to King George III in his pamphlet?

A Tyrant because people thought of him as a Bad King

Who did Thomas Jefferson claim wax responsible for the crimes against the colonies?

King George. Thomas Jefferson claimed that King George was a "tyrant".

Was king george the third a respected king?

No, John was not the third respected king.

How did the declaration of Independence portray King George the 3?

they were basically pissed off about king george taxing them to death and blocking off trade with other countries. King George ruling them and abusing his power.