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Yes, Maulana Abdul Kalam was against the two nation theory presented by Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the year 1946

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Q: Was maulana Abdul kalam azad against the two nation theory of the Muslims?
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Who was gave two nation theory in subcontinent?

sir syed ahmad khan

What do you think people today can learn from long term results of the treaty of versaiiles?

The Treaty of Versailles Balkanized Europe. Woodrow Wilson had the crazy theory that all the little countries would cooperate for their own defense. They did not. When Germany got powerful, it conquered the little countries one by one. They could not defend themselves from the superpower. Also, when guilt clauses and reparations are required, the people of a nation resent it. A mad man can take advantage of that resentment and have a nation follow him. He can get that nation to turn on a minority such as the Jews in the case of Germany. Also in that case, he can lead that nation in a disastrous war. The treaty also spread the crazy idea that every people should have its own homeland. Peoples that had been interspersed among others and specialized in various occupations suddenly listened to leaders who wanted their own homelands and wanted to rule them under a particular theory of law. Muslims and Hindus had lived in peace in India for centuries. Suddenly a switch occurred when Muslims needed their own homeland. The Muslims went to Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are groups of Muslims want their own homeland. Will Pakistan split into different homelands? Different groups want various nations to split apart. Each will be a different homeland with a different law where minorities will be persecuted. The smaller a nation is, the easier it is for a military leader to take over in a coup d'etat and take away freedom. Now Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds want their own homelands. Two different types of Kurds exist. There are 7 different types of Sunnis. We shall see what happens if I live long enough. Hitler showed that the League of Nations was a paper tiger. Organizations created based on some theory that they will do something in the future if certain conditions happen frequently do not function. A mutual defense organization can not exist only in meetings and on paper. Armies need to practice under a unified command before the problem actually exists.

Four theories of the origins of government?

Evolution Theory, Force Theory, Divine Right Theory, Social Contract Theory

Why was Nicolaus Copernicus' theory that the Earth orbits the sun so shocking to the people living in the 1500s?

Answer this question…His views went against traditional beliefs, including those of the Roman Catholic Church

What was the purpose of the formation of Muslim league?

All India Muslim league was a political party that was established before the partition of India-Pakistan in 1947. Established in Dhaka, it soon became the voice of Muslims who wished to have a separate Muslim state for Muslims of British India. An idea which was later implemented by Quaid - e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The Muslims argued that they did not want the dictatorship of British to be changed by the rule of Hindus since India was predominately a Hindu country. The hard work of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who urged the Muslims to be united and support Muslim League. The first president of the All India Muslim league appointed was Sir Agha Khan III. The Two Nation Theory was envisioned and the message sent across the masses using the campaigns and rallies held by All India Muslim League. The call for Pakistan, the brain child of Dr. Mohammad Iqbal or more popularly known as Allama Iqbal was decided at one of the most famous resolutions of this Muslim league. 23rd March 1940, Lahore saw the campaign for Pakistan by the Muslim League at its heights with Muhammad Ali Jinnah explaining that Hindus and Muslims have different believes, ideas, histories, hero's epics and different social backgrounds. Therefore a Resolution was passed to give the Muslims of India a separate land to worship and stay as they like.

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1 Which Muslim leader was opponent of The Two Nation Theory?

Quaid-e- Azam

What was the importance of two nation theory?

The Two Nation Theory was important in the context of the Indian independence movement as it argued that Hindus and Muslims were two separate nations with distinct identities, cultures, and interests, and therefore deserved separate nation-states. This theory was a key driving force behind the creation of Pakistan as a homeland for Muslims in South Asia during the partition in 1947.

What are the confusions of Muslims in Pakistan about ideology of Pakistan?

Pakistan got independence on the basis of Two Nation Theory according to which Muslims and Hindus were two separate nations and couldn't live together. I think there is no confusions in the minds of Pakistani Muslims.

How important was his two nation theory?

The Two-Nation Theory was critical in shaping the demand for a separate Muslim state, leading to the creation of Pakistan in 1947. It emphasized the distinct religious and cultural identities of Muslims and Hindus in British India, influencing the partition of the subcontinent.

Who gave Two Nation Theory differences between religion and culture of Hindus and Muslims in India?

The two nation theory that muslims and hindus are different nations their culture their religion their language their diet their values all are different this ideology was given by IMAM E AHL E SUNNAH MUJADDID E ISLAM IMAM AHMED RAZA KHAN QADRI BARELWI

Role of sir syed ahmad in ywo nation theory Hindi urdu controversy 1867?

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was an educator, Islamic reformer and politician. He knew that the Hindus and Muslims could not live together and came up with the idea of a two nation theory.

What is the role of sirsyed ahmad khan in two nation theory?

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, in the attempt of representing the Muslims in India, proposed the theory that stated that Hindus and Muslims were two entirely separate communities. So, the Muslims have all the rights to establish a different nation of their own to safeguard their rights in an India, divided. This theory formed the very basis of the division of United India into- India and Pakistan.

What is Sir syed tow nation theory?

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan's two-nation theory proposed that Hindus and Muslims in India were two separate nations with distinct religious, cultural, and social identities. He believed that they could not coexist harmoniously within a single nation and advocated for separate religious and political entities for each community. This idea later influenced the partition of India in 1947 into India and Pakistan.

What is meant by basis of ideology of pakistan?

The basis of ideology of Pakistan is known as "Two Nation Theory" which means that Muslims and Hindu are two separate nations with different culture, language, values and norms and therefore, there should be a separate homeland for Muslims.

How successful was aligarh movement?

Yes, it was to a great extend successful for the reniansce of muslims as it emerged more f a reforming institute then acadamic. future leaders like liaquat ali khan studied in the aligarh college. two-nation theory made muslims realize that were a separate nation and eventually laid roots fr pakistani movement.

Who was sir sayyid ahmed khan?

his is the educational reformer for Muslims after the war of independece.sir syed ahmad khan introduced the two nation theory he also started ali garh movement whose main objective is to create confidence between Muslims and government.he forced the Muslims to get education and then take part in politics.the schools set by him heled the Muslims of that time to get them self educated.

Are Muslims allowed to believe in evolution the theory?

The only real reference for Muslims is the holy Koran. There are many references in the Koran to evolution and Muslims are ordered to follow wisdom.