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No, just remnants from it.

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Q: Was the Andrea Gail ever recovered?
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what is the name of the boat?

the Andrea Gail

Who is Andrea Gail?

Andrea Gail was the commercial fishing boat lost in October of 1991 and made famous in the movie "A Perfect Storm".

What is song about Andrea gail?

harry chapin

What was the name of the boat in the perfect storm?

the andrea gail

Billy Tyne:?

cap of the Andrea Gail, determined, loyal

Where was the Andrea gail fishing in the perfect storm?

grand banks - Newfoundland, Canada

what advantage did upgrading the Andrea Gail provide?

buy $4,000 worth of grocery for the trip

what is the purpose of this vist by Susan Brown?

to tell her the Andrea Gail is missing; Bobby is dead

Eishin Maru:?

japanese boat, shared the same experience w/ the Andrea Gail

why does Adam Randall decide not to join the Andrea Gail?

he gets a funny feeling about the boat

Why Andrea Gail was built?

The Andrea Gail was built for fishing. The swordfishing boat was 70-feet in length was lost at sea with six crew members in 1991. A movie called "The Perfect Storm" was made documenting the ships last voyage.

What is the boat called in 'a perfect storm'?

The boat that has sully and all the other main Protagonist is a Fishing boat call "Andrea Gait".