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because they had to work

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Q: Was the New Jersey colony and were they allowed to have fun?
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How people in the New Jersey colony have fun?

they swim

What the new jersey people do for fun in 1665?

what they did was that they had contests

Is it fun to travel in New Jersey?

Yes :P

What do New Jersey do for fun?

plant crop with there family

What fun activities are there in New Jersey?

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What can you do in new jersey that is very fun and does not cost nothing?

the beach

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What kinds of games did the settlers of new jersey play?

fun games!

What was there to do in New Hampshire colony times?

Mostly follow what the British said was fun.

What things can you do for fun in new jersey?

I mostly go to Great Adventure of the beach.

What are fun things to do in new jersey?

GYM, TAN, LAUNDRY. Oh Yea, Clubs

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