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In a sense yes. It caused a lot of bloodshed, about 1/3 population of Germany died and did very little at all. However it was successful in making the Swiss neutrality, and mapping out of Europe and territories and such. So in reality, the means idnt really add up to the ends, because there were almost no ends.

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Q: Was the Thirty Years War a meaningless conflict?
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What war was sparked by religious conflict and resulted in the increased power of France?

the thirty years war

How long did the Thirty Years' War last?

The conflict known as the Thirty Years' War lasted for about 30 years, from 1618 to 1648. It began as a religious conflict involving the Holy Roman Empire, and took place mostly in areas now part of modern Germany.

Did the famous Thirty Years War that took place in 17th century Germany actually last 43 years?

No. The Thirty Years War, which stemmed from a religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics, did in fact last thirty years, from 1618-1648.

Who changed the focus of the Thirty Years' War from a religious to a political conflict?

Cardinal Richelieu

What was the conflict that made France the most powerful country in Europe?

treaty of nijmegen:)The Hundred Years' War.30 years war was the conflict that made France the most powerful country in Europe.

What year did the Thirty Years' War begin in Europe?

In 1618 with a conflict between Bohemia and the emperor.

What was the last great religious military conflict in Europe?

The Thirty Years' War

What were the major conflicts in thirty years war?

the thirty years war was a conflict over religion and territory and for power amoung European ruling families,the war can be divided imto twom main phases:the phaseof Hapsberge triumphs and the phase of Hapsberge defeats

What started the thirty years war?

It began as a conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Central Europe.

Where did the Thirty Years' War start?

The thirty years' war started in prague

What was the Thirty Years' War?

The Thirty Years' War was fought, mainly in Central Europe, from 1618-1648. The Habsburg monarchy tried to gain hegemony in Europe and impose Roman Catholicism on the Protestant states. It developed into a much wider European conflict.

What was the Religious conflict in Europe that began in Prague as a Protestant rebellion against the Holy Roman Empire was called?

it was called the "thirty years war".